Friday, September 14, 2012

On My Mind/Wrist

As though she hadn't already saved mu butt by braiding (not once, but twice!) at our show last weekend, Supermom surprised me at the end of the whole shebang with my very own horsey-name-bracelets. 

Even growing up I had never actually owned one.  I always thought my folks (or brother, or uncle or whoever) would see them at the tack store (or at a show) and think "oh! stocking stuffer!" or something, but alas no - and it was never something I splurged on for myself.

But now I've got a bracelet for each lovely mare and I get to stare at them all day long.  I've been mixing and matching them with different bangles and playing around with how I like wearing them best. 

Makes me feel 12 again.  (In a good way, not in the awkward, gangly, horrifically terrified of boys way).


  1. My sweet daughter had one made for me and gave it to me at our first show this spring :) Does make you feel 12 again, right?!

  2. I have one too and love it!

    PS your ring is amazing!

  3. I literally just bought a new saddle plate with Laz's name and sat there smiling like a 10 yr old in the tack room, so ..I GET IT. Love the bracelets and er um your diamond!!!!

  4. Cool! I'm with you--I have always wanted one, but when it comes down to filling the (digital) shopping cart, I can never justify it. They do look sharp, though.

  5. Want!!! I just made myself a belt and felt stupid enough doing that. I love the font on your bracelets. They look great. I need one too... I will have to drop the hint to my generous family since like you all I can't buy myself one!

    Your ring is seriously gorgeous.

  6. When I get myself a new horse I am definately getting one of those. The two boys we have just aren't "fancy" enough to justify buying one for. Harsh as it may's the truth lol. Maybe I'll get one for my two horses that have passed as a memorial. hmmmm...

    And I second all the comments about your ring!

  7. Holey moley your engagement diamond is ENORMOUS!!!

    Also the bracelets are cool but DIAMOND! SHINY! Jealousy over here from mrs not-quite-a-half-carat.

  8. Cool! I've never seen those before. I want one. :D


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