Saturday, September 22, 2012

Prix Caprilli

So unless the winds have changed and are now filling the show grounds with smoke from the wildfires, Prairie and I are en route to our fun schooling show.  I just got the test/actual explaination of this weird Prix Caprilli class in the mail and I thought I'd share it.  After schooling the pattern on Friday, I'm a huge fan and I think it would be way too much fun to see this concept extended through the levels... 3'3" oxer... shoulder in, medium trot, halt, 2'9" skinny... It could sorta be like eventing... except the highlight reel.  10 minutes to should your dressage, XC and Stadium all in one go. 

I vote yes. 

Anyway, for you curious souls, here's a copy of the Training Level "Pre Cap" that we're attempting today:

The Arena Layout.  Standard Dressage court with three jumps...
Start of the test. 
Basically your regular score sheet...
Can't wait to give you guys a full report!


  1. Oh, I love Prix Caprilli! My horse and I were undefeated last year in the five show we did. Sadly, it was the first and only year my GMO offered it. No one else in the state (or surrounding states) offers the tests. Have fun!

  2. Cool! That is so neat. Good luck!! I bet you'll have a lot of fun with it. :D


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