Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tacking Up (upping the tack?)

Sadly our cute little schooling show was canceled due to smoke from wildfires. Something about physical hazards...lung damage, I dunno.
I wasn't too sad though. For one thing The Boy and I leave tomorrow for a week in LA and the extra time to get the house in order was welcome. But the bigger reason - and the one really worth staying home for was that I pulled the trigger and bought P2 her very own jump saddle. And after a (small) snafu with Dover, the saddle was delayed and didn't end up getting here until Saturday morning anyway.  Bad if I was intending on using it at the show - but GREAT for a suddenly free day to play with a new toy (grin).

I didn't want to say anything until I knew that it would work out, but the Pessoa A/O XCH AMS. Because that's more initials than an Arabain halter horse, I'll save you the google and decode. Basically it's just pessoa's mid range A/O saddle with their adjustable gullet system and the flocked panels instead of foam.
The AMS the also has the added benefit of a few different panel styles, so I was able to order a deeper gusset (off the rack) for Prairie as well as a long and forward flap for myself... Hard to beat that many options for us difficult to fit gals.
Initially I was. A little worried. Although the saddle seemed to fit really well on its own, anything more than a thin pad caused some bridging. I usually like to ridemwithnsome squishy half pad just for comfort but I opted to girth up with just a basic pad which actually see,Ed to suck the (synthetic tree) to Prairie's back nicely.
I started with some fuzzies on the stirrup leathers to prevent rubs but they were so damn bulky I ditched them as soon as I thought I'd be keeping the saddle.
Prairie. Felt. Awesome.
Super light. Super lovely and more forward than we have been. I think some of it is that this saddle really puts my lower leg on her a big more aggressively and she seems to respond well to that....
Since our three Prix Caprielli jumps were still up we started figure eighting over them at the trot then canter.
You could probably see the grin on my face a mile away because while our school on fridaynwas great, this ride was INSANE. Balanced, no rushing, no scooting after fences. Lead changes. The whole shebang. It was the type of ride that makes me so sad I'm leaving for a week. I just want to loop over those jumps forever.
But this is about the saddle. It's no CWD, but I'm impressed with the leather and it's oiling up really nicely. Full review to come after I log a few more hours in it. But so far I feel good about the purchase...
Fresh out of the box with out the box

And after half a tin of lederbalsam..

Prairie was not exactly sure what all the fuss was about. In fact she looked decidedly less excited about it all than I did...


  1. woo hoo new tack!! love getting packages!

  2. Aww that sucks about the show, but I'm glad the saddle showed up so you could play and that you had such an awesome ride!! Congrats!


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