Monday, October 1, 2012

You can take the girl out of the barn....

But you can't quite take the barn out of the girl..

Finally back from a fabulously fun (though not exactly restful) trip to LA and San Luis Obispo to watch The Boy's best friend in life get married.  Everything was fabulous aside from the distinct lack of horses, which was remedied by our "unique" accommodations for the wedding.
some of the decor from our "sweepstakes" themed room
 It was a thoughtful touch from him, only slightly diminished by the... um... shall we say... age? of all the upholstered surfaces.  As much as I love a horsey themed comforter, I avoid most textiles from the 60's.  (no offense). 

For those of you who haven't stayed at the Madonna Inn before, it's a road trip must if you're ever heading up the 101 or 1 in California.  Pretty fun. 

We've stayed there before in one of the "rock rooms" which is super bizarre, but I determined a potential liability if I'm teetering around in heels. 
Not a good place to slip and fall...

Other highlights include taking over the dance floor and tearing it up until (literally) my feet fell off. 
The Main Dining Room and Dance Hall

But now it's back to the real ponies, and *gasp* new saddles!!!!!!


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