Monday, October 22, 2012

Shelter Chic

I have officially checked off one big item from the things-that-keep-me-from-the-barn-list.  Which is fabulous.  What's not so fabulous is while I was totally focused on the big-giant-conference-project, I totally ignored pretty much everything else (chores, food shopping, work... etc) which means that I probably still have a few days of catch up before all is normal again.

But no matter - while I was in total couch-vegetable mode on Sunday night (a vain attempt to recover before Monday morning..) I caught a quick spot on some mediocre news magazine show about Jill Rappaport's  "collection" of collars, leashes, halters and leads for rescued animals.  She launched the items earlier this year, but appears to be doing a pre-holiday push for the merch again.

Prior to the little segment, I was fairly aware of her affiliation with the ASPCA and her own rescue operations, but not really much more than that.  Frankly, I'm not sure I really learned anything new except that she has a whole bunch of nylon products with cute sayings on them like "opt to adopt," "smitten with my rescue kitten," or "heart melter from a shelter." 

It's unclear what all is on the horsey items - in fact, it's remarkably hard to even find someplace to purchase the products, but I like the sentiment and the cause.
Jill and one of her horses modeling a halter from the "Rescued Me" collection
Cute right?

On the Prairie front I'll get an update up soon.  The weird, crazy bolts have dissipated again.  I don't think it's a pain issue (I've poked and prodded and swapped saddles and nothing is jumping out in that arena).  But she gets bodywork done today so my vet will be able to give her a once over.

I'll get caught up on those rides shortly....

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  1. This is the best I could find, and nothing for horses:

    It's a great idea, and cute products! You're right, tough to find though.


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