Thursday, October 18, 2012

(more) Winter Wardrobing

While perusing SmartPak during my lunch hour (which, for the record will prevent even the most meager sack lunch from being an "affordable" lunch) I was clicking around, looking at blankets, breeches, boots... my usual window-shopping fare (justified by a need to re-order some U-Guard) When I stumbled into the sale section (not good, I can justify so many more things when they are on "sale") and then into the Blanket sale section... and saw this thing again.

I'm sure you've all seen it.  When I noticed it in the catalog the jock in me was torn between loving it and hating it for being totally cheesy.

A second glance solidified that I was pretty sure it was adorable.

But a third glance made me choke at the $90 price tag - which is just a tad too high for a novelty item (I consider a cotton "cooler" in a stain prone fabric a novelty item).

But, the lunch hour sale-shopping saw that the priced dropped (enough) for me to feel like I could potentially justify it.

And we all know how that turns out with me...  I was torn between getting it in P1's size or P2's (two novelty coolers is still out of the question) when I figured that everyone likes an oversized hoodie, so I grabbed P2's size and figure P1 can always borrow it and rock the baggy "boyfriend" look.  (that's still in, right?)

This might be my most absurd purchase in a while, but I'm feeling ok about it.

Thoughts? Totally dorky? or a fun throwback?


  1. Super blog! Why not come and post it at Haynet a worldwide equestrian blogging community for more to follow? Come and visit

  2. Love it! I totally saw this too in the catalog and got a chuckle!

    Let us know how you like it when it arrives ;)

  3. I'm still torn. I sort of think I would love it if I was 16, but I'm not and Cuna looks terrible in all things cutesy, so out for us anyways. Looking forward to pics of it on your gorgeous girls!

  4. I'm going with adorable. :) Cheesy, but in fun spirit! If I could get it printed with my barn name, I would totally do it. Apollo can pull off goofball pretty well.

  5. I think its adorable! I want one for my guy but like you... the $90 is a little insane for me to justify!

  6. Oh dear, I'm the lone dissenter - not a big fan. Maybe if it weren't in white? And didn't have the cuff? But I suppose that would defeat the purpose. ;)

  7. It is different... I would probably be a lot more inclined to buy it if it were more affordable. Definitely a novelty item. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the ladies wearing it though :)

  8. I think it's very cute! I love the Athletic Dept and sweatshirt styling. Every ONE needs comfy sweats.


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