Friday, October 19, 2012

P1 at Play

I got a couple more video clips of P1 this week and darn it that mare is cute.
Cowboy Man has her working in the canter a lot more and it sounds like most of her grumpiness about her least favorite gait has dissipated as she's figured out that the former pain issues are gone (at least for now).

Here's a baby clip.  She still looks a bit stiff to me, but this is much more willing than she has been in the canter in a long time...

Can't wait for her to get here!


  1. Her face is so cute!! Love those alert ears!

  2. Forget the horse. That background is gorgeous!!! Love her happy ears :)

  3. I think her ears (and general body position) say a lot! She looks lovely!

  4. Forget the horse and forget the background! I want the cowboy.

    No, who am I kidding, I want it all.

  5. Pia just needed a little cowboy dressage. Working outside is so good for the horse's mind. I also believe that the emphasis on contact in dressage can be get really mixed and confuse the horse. For example, I do not like the whole idea that the horse must "give in" to the contact. This is a lovely example of your mare cantering in balance with negligible rein contact. She would only need to nod down and tiny bit to be on the bit, with her head still long and relaxed.

  6. You know, with your two Ps and my third P, we have a P1, P2, and a P3. We make up a whole set of phalanges. And that, my friend, is probably the most random comment you will ever get!

  7. P1 looks lovely cantering in that field!


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