Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pinchy Pinchers

So, I had a lovely lesson this morning (aside from the twinge of a hangover lingering on the right side of my brain due to an evening with Supermom and a few bottles of wine... eesh).  S had us get in the jump tack in order to work on P2 landing on the correct lead after fences.

Since our next little hunter show is two weeks out we both agreed rather than over school changes, we might as well work on just getting our leads in the first place which make changes somewhat irrelevant.

We warmed up with lots of transitions again, asking Prairie to collect and sit, which she is getting pretty good at.  She's also getting really good at anticipating, and doesn't like to stay "on her butt" for long.  So her little dance shuffle as she anticipates the transitions, is less than charming..

Either way, we worked on lots of up and down transitions, some leg yield against the rail for some straightness and some counter flexion to keep everything decently soft.

Prairie was moderately distracted (first time back in the indoor for a while) which resulted in some regular inversions and braced moments that I wasn't as quick to correct as I wished I might have been.  She's also starting rooting (wtf?) like a pony and I feel like a toddler when she yanks me out of the tack and throws her nose on the ground.  It's not very polite and I'm ready for that particular evasion to go away....

Eventually we set up a little vertical and focused on just trotting in (super straight) and cantering out on the correct lead.  P2 did well.

Then we moved the vertical to the centerline so that we could change directions and start to ask for the new lead over the fence.  Starting left, and staying left - no problem.  Starting right and changing to the left lead - no problem.

But starting right and staying right..... that.  That was a problem. Every time we landed P2 took the left lead.

I balanced and sat up - left lead
I lifted and opened my right rein - left lead
I closed the CRAP out of my left leg (to try to trap her haunches) - Still, the left lead.

NOTHING was getting us the right lead.

Finally I asked S if it looked like I was pinching my knees (my lower leg felt rather swingy..) she said no, but I could get more (left) leg on the mare.

Then about 15 minutes later I noticed that my breeches were rubbing the inside of my knee (something they have never done) and about 15 minutes after that I had a full on saddle sore on the inside of my left knee, which I'm pretty sure can only show up if I'm pinching.  Right? you can get a blister if you're not pushing on something and moving it around.

Right knee... totally fine.  But then again, so was my right leg.

Left leg - was absent and letting Prairie skootch her butt over and fall on her left lead.  d'oh.

Finally I gave up and let S try her over the jumps. 

Turns out when balanced, packaged and some exxagerated left leg, P2 will land on the right lead all the time.

Which brings us back to my crookedness and my pinchy knee.  Dammit.

This has never been something I've noticed before, but the blister doesn't lie.

I've got to fix this lower leg.  and quickly. Humph.


  1. Pony club kick every time she roots will fix that problem very quickly. :) Even if it results in "opinions."

  2. Agree with Karen - send her forward. :D

    (Are there some kind of really cute shoes just barely out of the picture?!)

  3. Ooooh, that doesn't look comfortable! Also, like Calm, Forward,Straight, I noticed a shoe-tidbit hiding just out of the shot!

    1. Oh those? those are just my (adorable) laser stitched, tortoise print, patent leather pointy flats. It's a lot of adjectives I know, but they are supremely cute with pretty much anything. (it's possible I own the same shoe in about 6 other colors/leathers)

      I might have a shoe problem. I'll take a pic of my shoe rack one day and post it up here... It's moderately embarrassing.

  4. Oh, the problems of bendy horses. Mine is stiff and straight like a board--no rooting or changes, ever. So simple. ;)

    It's a good incentive to learn to not pinch, though. Those things take forever to heal.

  5. Oh, bendy horses are so much fun. It is so easy to turn them into pretzels and so difficult to keep their hindends following their fronts!

    I got a nasty pinch like on my left calf and right through half chaps. Apparently, I had too much calf contact over jumps. Is that possible? Anyway, it hurt a lot, especially in the shower.

  6. Eek that looks painful. I gave myself a gnarly blister on the inside of my left heel a few months ago and it really motivated me to stop doing whatever caused it! Still a struggle but I am getting there.

    Hope it heels quickly.

  7. Gosh that looks painful!! Not too long ago when I was riding my mare I thought I was pinching with my knees too much. Because while riding it literally rubbed off the skin right on the inside of my knees. Super painful! Then not too long after it happened again to my other inside of my knee. I then realized it was actually the jeans I was wearing which were rubbing horribly. Now I have annoying scars...

  8. Yeah I wore jeans one day under my half chaps and had that happen. So painful! I hope it heals up quickly. At least you have proof where you're pinching so you can work on it lol.


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