Thursday, October 4, 2012

Saddle, Saddle, Saddle, HEY!

A mere 161 days later, it's HERE

My saddle.  Thank god.

I was worried that I would hate it.  Mostly because whenever I buy a new outfit for an event too far in advance, by the time the event actually shows up I'm over the outfit and onto something new. 

Having learned this I try not to buy anything more than 2 months before I need it.  161 days grossly exceeds this expectation.  Which led to feelings of dread, worry and general buyer's remorse since my current Prestige is fitting better and better as the big mare fills out. 

But the saddle was bought and paid for, nothing to do but cross my fingers and hope I still thought it was a worthy investment.

And I'm happy to say - I think it was.

It definitely fits the mare better than the Prestige, and when I finally got up in the irons I felt much more balanced and like my leg was a bit easier to wrap around the beast. (both good things for me).

I'd write more if I wasn't running off to a meeting due to the fact that I'm totally behind schedule due to the fact that I spent 2 hours at the barn getting the new saddle (squee!), but I'll leave you with a picture.

Jury is out if I still think the gold piping was a great idea, but I guess I'll have to love it!
Big huge BOO for leaving town tomorrow and not getting to play with it until Monday...


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