Friday, November 9, 2012

Blanket Bought

It's amazing to me how much time/energy I spend on horsey purchases only to casually pull the trigger on purchases in any other aspect of my life...

Regardless, I finally purchased P2's Heavy blanket for the winter (it's cold here too sometimes, I swear).  Maybe not arctic, but cold enough.  :) 

I ended up going with the SmartPak High Neck Turnout.  The reviews seemed good, the price was great and when we took our field trip last week for our lesson there was a horse in the barn wearing one.  So after a mildly creepy "um, do you mind if I look at that horse's blanket...?" request I was able to go in and poke at it, look at the seams and buckles, etc. 

I must say the fit looks claaaaassy (at least on the horse I saw) so I'm hoping it contours well to P2 also.  Because she's a classy gal and likes to wear well tailored clothing.

Fingers crossed.

If nothing else I'm sorta excited to explore a new brand.  If it's a failed experiment then it's back to Horseware, Weatherbeeta and Pessoa for m...

ps - Pia comes tomorrowwwww!!! But today I'm going to the barn today to trick out her tack locker with my helpful Dad.   Organizing and ponies, what's better!?


  1. I just bought a smartpak sheet and I love it! VERY well made and fits great, esp through the shoulders with that nice design like you show there in the turnout. I am sure she will love it!

  2. Oh keep us posted on if you like it! I might be interested in one for Henry :)


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