Monday, November 12, 2012

The P's

She's back!  The girls are together (for more than a weekend) and so far everything seems to be settling in well. 

Pia came off the trailer super relaxed and calm.  Interested in the world around her, but chill enough to keep her neck at a nice relaxed angle.  No snorting, or llama neck, or need for a chain (!!).  Cool Mare. 

She got thrown out into a nice paddock to unwind from the haul with her buddy from Summer Camp, Aspen. 
Cute P and Aspen
 That was about when the human people opted to grab an early dinner and warm up with a few margaritas before tucking the ponies in for the night. 

P was either upset that she didn't get a margarita, or was thoroughly not impressed with Aspen's company, because upon returning to the barn she was glistening in a nice coating of icicles (looked like glitter), from frozen sweat on her big fluffy coat. 

Super sad.

But we got her warm, and dry and tucked into a stall without too much effort.  She spun up again when we loaded Aspen back in his trailer to go home, so I opted for a small dose of ace to help quiet her and take the edge off.  (I figure if I get a cocktail, or two - she should get a little something also).

I was a touch concerned, so The Boy and checked back in around 11pm and all seemed to be right with the world.

By morning the P was totally chill, happily munching her hay, saying hi to passersby and generally alert but calm.  P got turned out with P2 and P2's pasture buddy, Sadie all without too much fuss.  Sadie was none too interested in sharing Prairie with a newcomer, but the drama was limited to some pinned ears, nasty mare looks and a few threats of a kick.  That was about as crazy as it got though.

So I spent the day making grain baggies, unpacking P's stuff into her locker and trimming her ridiculous yak fur.  Mostly I just chopped her mane, took 8" off her tail (it was dragging) and gave her a thorough currying.  I don't really want to trim or clip much of anything else until we're back to work - which I think is a couple weeks off.  Cowboy Man suggested a few weeks of just good solid groundwork and letting P feel totally comfortable in her new home before introducing some rides.   She's been just awesome in all of her under saddle work, but when she's stressed she still reverts to old habits and anxiety. 

Since we don't have an agenda, I figure there's no reason to push it.  Plus it's really nice just to actively reconnect and spend time working around her again. Also, I want to pack some lbs back on her ribs which should be a bit easier with a stall and some blankets :)

She's so cute, I'm insanely excited to have her home again.  I will say that I'm shocked at how small she feels after getting so used to P2.  It feels like I have a pony again!  Which is awesome in it's own right.

There's lots of other fun stuff to report like the fact that her feet look over the top fantastic, but all in due time.
P1 looking moderately noble while P2 looks.... like a llama
sniff sniff
For now I'll just walk around like a grinning idiot and try to figure out how I can spend more time at the barn...


  1. So cute! ps. that second to last photo of Pia would make an excellent contender for a papercut, the light is perfect, ears pricked and you get a really good sense of her personality!

  2. Just has to feel great to have your girls together! They are beautiful!

  3. What a gorgeous mare. Prairie's a good lookin lady & all, but there's something about Miss Pia. Perhaps I'm (light/red)bay biased though...

    1. Pia definitely has quite the pretty face on her. It's hiding under the yak-suit a little, but I'm with you :)

  4. So adorable. I'm excited to get to see more of Miss P! Glad she seems to be adjusting well.

  5. That "llama" pic of P2 is so adorable, so glad you have them together. Looking forward to the project reports!

  6. Yay!! Can't wait for future posts about the two of them!

  7. So happy for you that your girls are together now!

  8. They are soooo cute together!! I'm glad she's home. :D


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