Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Three Days to P!

Countdown is officially on.  Miss Pia makes her way back "home" on Saturday and I'm totally excited.

It sounds like things are going really, really well over in Summer Camp and she's even behaved herself for other riders! In fact, she's been moving so well and so happily that she's *gasp* actually working on fitness! Which is more than I can say for her estranged mother (as I shove a scone in my mouth)....
oh heeeeeeeeyyyyyyy!
The plan is that both Cowboy Man and my Vet will be at my home barn on Saturday, along with one of Pia's buddies from the herd for some social/mental support. We'll have time to discuss our current facilities and how to establish a routine that will hopefully prevent too much regression, but then I think we'll head out for a trail ride and see how the little missy does.  Both girls will also get a nice hoof/body evaluation so we can see how things are progressing.

Sunday, we'll wash, rinse, repeat and then we'll be left to our own devices.

I am trying to plan a fairly immediate field trip back to Summer Camp so that I can see how well Pia is doing in that environment and also to give her a mental "pause" with something that's familiar and established.  Not to mention that I still want to make a regular habit of getting both girls out there and out of the arena to explore.

My one year anniversary with P2 is sneaking up on me and I swore that I would give her at least one month a year off from our regular training to just be a horse (ideally at Summer Camp) which means I should probably start thinking about when that might be...

But first things first! and first P's first! she's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkk  (or will be soon)



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