Thursday, February 12, 2015

All Packed (I think..)

Had one final confidence-boosting lesson this morning, where maybe it wasn't our most brilliant (in terms of impulsion, sensitivity, etc) work, but it was steady and dare I say... hunter-esque.  Prair was grinding her teeth a tad more than normal which I don't love (I always wonder what she's deciding to object to and why...) but she was calm and focused and we had some of our best canter-pole on a circle work EVER.

How boring does that sound?  Somewhere my teenager, eventer-self just rolled her adolescent eyes and died a little.

But whatever, I'm old(er) now and when we can canter a pole in stride and in balance without having to work too hard - well that is cause for celebration these days.

After the victorious canter-pole-ing, we jumped a small course and managed to do quite well.  I was supposed to being adding a stride in the line, which we did most of the time.. so it wasn't without bobbles...

But even when there were bobbles, Prair stayed tuned in and we were able to recover quickly and move on to our next fence.

All in all, it left me feeling pretty good about attacking the 2' Ring in Thermal.

Then I packed.  Much like last year my goal is always to pack as much crap into my trunk as possible so I have less crap to carry on the plane with me.  I am a carryon only type girl, which is hard enough when you are schlepping a helmet and garment bag and boots, but I think that would be damn near impossible with a baby and all the baby gear in tow as well. 

So the trunk has all my tack, all my show clothes, a few of baby's toys, all my toiletries that won't pass TSA's absurd 3oz BS and a big jar of treats for the mare to munch on while we are there. 

Oh, and the gastrogard, and the perfect prep and the earplugs.  Don't. Forget. The. Earplugs.

Prair wouldn't mind if I forgot the earplugs, she's more concerned about me forgetting her treats.

This is the "More Treats" face.
So we're mostly ready to go.  Wraps are rolled, shipping halter is ready, show halter is polished, and Brookledge (bless them) showed up a day early with their rig so we could load equipment and maximize space.  If all goes according to plan there should be four box stalls available and hopefully Prair will qualify for one of those based on size.

reason #567 I like Brookledge - they show up EARLY
Horses set off after breakfast tomorrow, which means I spent the next 6 days organizing myself and baby before we get to go play in the sunshine together.  With sunscreen.  Lots and lots of sunscreen.

Go Team.


  1. Somehow I missed that this trip was even happening but now I'm all excited for you and shall live vicariously! YAY!

  2. Sunscreen, what is that again? Right now all I know are Northface and hand warmers.

  3. go team!!! take so many pics and have fun!

  4. Woohoo safe journeying to all & I cannot wait to live showing adventures vicariously through you guys!

  5. Hooray! Nothing like a great lesson right before a big show :) Fingers crossed that everyone arrives safe and sound in the desert!

  6. Brookledge sounds awesome! Hope you have a great trip. :-)

  7. If I ever need to haul my horse far away, Brookledge will be my one and only phone call!

  8. So exciting! Have a safe trip! Can't wait to hear all about it :)


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