Monday, February 23, 2015

Winning the War (with youtiube) Thermal V videos

So this entire process is a tad absurd, but I have finally extracted a couple of short videos from my phone.  True to baby-hunter form, they are hideously boring, but there's a mare, some palm trees and some wee-baby-jumps, which are all splendid in my book...

A couple of the lines were closer to 2'6" and some were closer to 2'.  What's cool is Prair is feeling better and easier over the bigger (lol) jumps than the smaller ones.  This time last year she was definitely a bit more anxious or uncomfortable the bigger (lol) the jumps got.  I'm hoping this means we might actually get to campaign a Pre-Green season but that's a chick that I definitely don't want to count before it hatches...

So here we are for our first round of our 2'6" Hunter on Sunday.  Great first trip of the day, only real bobble was Prair getting slightly spooked by something (goblins?) at the far end of the ring, but otherwise the mistakes were mine.  I didn't quite move up in the lines enough so we were a bit long getting out of them, but Prair handled it well.  Also, even though we got our right lead changes, they are a tad rough (especially the last one).

Second round I measured the lines better, and our right lead changes were a tad better, but we built a bit more in the ends (especially by the gate).  I need to keep me hip closed a tad longer over the fences and release a bit more to help that I think.  But again - good mare!

Our third round (same course as the first) was great, and we actually landed our right lead at the end so that was a big win.  Everything else is about the same - which is waaaaay more consistency than we've ever had, so that's really, really fun.

Finally, The Boy has officially stopped recording flat classes so I'm lacking evidence of how Prair's going there. I'll maybe make him video one next week so I have some reference point for where she's at in terms of frame and self carriage these days, but I can extrapolate from how she's going over fences for now...

Mare is off today and enjoying a hand walk, schooling tomorrow then I think a 2'6" division with N on Wednesday and Thursday before we start back up on Friday!


  1. I am so glad you are able to go back to doing what you love with her!!!

  2. Woop woop sunshine, palm trees and a glorious shiny horse with a polished rider makes for enjoyable viewing.
    Loving living vicariously through you guys!

  3. Very lovely pair. I think you keep sunshine in your pocket for her to shine like that.

  4. She's so lovely, glad you guys are back at it!

  5. What a beautiful pair you make! Lovely rounds!

  6. These videos are SO lovely! You and Prair look great, so proud of you!

    Also, I'm jealous of the warm weather in the desert. We have 6 inches of snow on the ground, and today's high is 15. -_-

  7. Very nice, smooth rounds! Congrats!

  8. you guys look wonderful - so even and consistent!! the background is pretty great too :)


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