Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wind machine

Beyoncé called. She wants her wind machine back.

And lord knows Prairie is NOT interested in it.

Yesterday the winds kicked up here in the desert which didn't wreak too much havoc in the big rings, but down where is baby Ammys play - things got... Interesting. Though at least the poor judge watching 100 2' trips had something more interesting to watch.

Prair was convinced that te far end of the ring was not to be trusted, and in our first two trips - that concern caused some trouble. First round I could barely get her down the diagonal to our first single (away) and she swapped leads about 42 times in the process (bonus points for tempis? No?)

Second round we demonstrated lovely half passes away from the fence line, though our jumps and lines were surprisingly decent.

(Looks Shockingly like last year)

Third round the wind died down for a well timed 90 seconds and we managed a clean round for a 2nd (out of 26). Fourth round was also pretty clean and we got another 2nd even with a small scamper at the far end.

We won the hack and that was enough for reserve of the 2' windy-ammy division.

Earlier in the week Prair did an excellent job with N managing to grab a few low ribbons (out of 40) and a blue in the hack (those expensive aluminum shoes are earning their keep..)

Today we ride a 2'3" hunter and eq divisions so we'll see how that goes.

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  1. Sounds like a very productive and fun show - I am so happy that Prair is doing much better and it's exciting to see you riding her again!

  2. You both are looking great, glad she's not completely losing her mind in the wind.

  3. You guys are total rockstars! Keep at it! Windstorms and all!

  4. Things sound like they are going well despite Beyonce's wind machine trying to put a spanner in the works.
    Beautiful pictures!

  5. You both are looking great, glad she's not completely losing her mind in the wind.

  6. Shoot half passes and tempis don't get bonus points... They should!!!

    Glad that things are overall going well :)

  7. Woo hoo - congrats on reserve! Also, inadvertent half passes and tempis are my favorite lol

  8. LOL! You had no idea you were competing in the windy-ammy division huh?? Good job keeping it together!! I totally would have given you points for that many tempi changes hehe.


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