Monday, June 1, 2015


So many insanities over the last couple of weeks

Not the least of which involved me going to the tack store armed with multiple credit cards to take advantage of a 20% off everything sale.  (crap crap crap).  Thankfully I had an enabling friend with me who somehow managed to make sure I knew that there were things I could buy with a horse on stall rest. 

New show coat? nope, just got one (omg, it's here and it's so pretty I wear it around the house in my yoga pants).

New saddle/bridle/girth? Nope, all are relatively new in the last year

New Boots? nope, those are new too...

New show shirts? nope, have some I haven't even worn yet..

Breeches? I can always justify new breeches

Gloves? also useful

maybe a new show helmet if they've got something velvety in my size...

So we tore through the store, I managed to find a pair of cute Pikeurs to school in for a steal, some sparkly Samshield gloves (because rhinestones will totally help mask my busy hands..) and a new curry comb since mine disappeared?
Both my breech and glove sizes were bigger than I remember...

Anyway, obviously spending $$ is what you do when you have mountains of vet bills and a horse that isn't showing, let alone using her regular schooling equipment. 

Speaking of vet bills, we also spend the weekend spending $1,200 on diagnostics for the cat to learn that he "probably" fell off a tree (or a fence, or a tire swing) or something and "will be fine."  Why this irritates me so much I'm not sure.  Lord knows we've far exceeded the $1,200 mark for Prair's diagnostics, and I'd gladly write a check of that sum to learn that she was going to be fine. 

So instead of a $25 shelter cat, now he's a $1,225 fancy cat with a confirmed healthy heart, (thanks ultrasound!) and lots of consults to confirm he probably fell out of a tree (or something).

Staying on the cat insanity track for a moment, kitty's outdoor adventures were limited while we thought he was legitimately dying, but he snuck out and since we have a GPS locater on his collar, I was pissed when I saw he had wandered about a mile and a half away. 

That's totally within his normal wandering range, but at midnight, when he's not quite 100%  and there are raccoons and coyotes about, I was ticked and wanted him home.  So The Boy and I loaded into the car and proceeded to follow his little GPS beacon around the neighborhood with the windows rolled down and shaking a bag of greenies and calling his name.

Just about the time I was feeling sketchy as all get out and embarrassed about our creepy behavior in the middle of the night, kitty came running (everything in our house is motivated by food) and we scurried home before anyone called the cops on us for prowling arnoud the neighborhood at 2mph and poking around in bushes. 

Finally, to cap off the long weekend (that wasn't spent horse showing) The Boy and I enjoyed a long walk, which involved me obsessively watching a HUGE HICKEY on his forehead develop from slightly red to deep purple.  Now, how does one get a HUGE HICKEY on your forehead you might wonder?  Well, see the baby has these great suction cup toys that I adore because she can't immediately toss them on the ground, but obviously they are funnier if you STICK THEM TO YOUR HEAD and shake it around.  Baby thinks it's hysterical and - whammo - perfectly round, huge hickey accomplished. 

I should have taken a picture.  it was fairly epic.

So my friends, that is how you spend a 3 day weekend while all your friends go horse showing. 

Cat bills, hickeys and tack stores.  A perfect trifecta of something, just not sure what. 

Then the insanity continued this week with the arrival of The Vet Bill (because all previous vet bills were just practice for THIS ONE), followed immediately by wine to mitigate the realization that I am not in fact saving any money by not showing.  Wednesday I finally had my phone call with the Pet Psychic which was awesome and aside from her being really certain I had some unresolved daddy issues which clash with Prairie's PTSD, she was pretty spot on, down to the location of Prair's stall in the barn (remember, this lady was 2,500 miles away and talking to me on the phone... not meeting us in person, which would make identifying Prair's stall location not impressive at all). 

More to come on that phone call.  I have lots of notes written down and am sort of eager to schedule another call?  But maybe I should pay my vet bills first before blowing more cash on psychics in different time zones...
I could be a pro hand-grazer I think.

Also I nearly chopped off one of the baby's toes (though I didn't, so I'm grateful for that) and worked out for the first time since 2013 which means I'm functionally crippled.  (the baby isn't though, her toe is healing, I'm the only one limping around the house, thank god)


  1. $1200 cat bill? omg. I couldn't. Could. Not.

    But maybe your cat actually likes you.

    Totally jealous of the haul. ;-)

  2. My mom said her glove and shoe size changed after having me, so maybe that's the reason for that. How easy is your blog to find on google? I always find psychics even more skeptical thanks to the internets. But I'm also a natural skeptic.

    Feel better.

  3. Interesting weekend! I can't wait to hear more about the psychic

  4. I hope there will be a post about the animal communicator, I am very curious!

    Also, Olson's is my still my favorite tack shop of all time. Then Stampede in B.C. I think I got my leather Beval open front/ankle boots at one of Olson's 20% off sales!

  5. Interesting. I talked to a pet psychic when my first gelding was having "head shaking issues" I'm pretty sure she was a quack though. I'm interested to hear more.

    Also I love your baby posts. A forehead hickey sounds epic!

  6. Can't wait to read about the psychic, I always wondered how that works out for different people.

    Never a dull moment in your house, huh? :)

  7. I need to hear a blog post on the animal psychic. I'm ready to break down and call one myself :(

  8. To sympathize my one dog is on over $100/month in medications and we have probably spent over $3k easily on him in his life. He was also only supposed to live to 7 or 8 and will be 13 in August. Lol.

    Retail therapy is the best sometimes. I too have been telling both my horses they get nothing new until they prove to be useful again, lol. So I may have acquired 3 pairs of breeches in the last least one pair was used and one pair I only paid $32 out of pocket for?

    PS Thanks for listening to me whine via email about my broken pony. :)

  9. Ha! So much going on here, I love it. Glad none of your family members were permanently injured in the making of this post. Free cats are always insanely expensive, and yes it is annoying to spend that much on a cat when the diagnosis is "probably fell out of a tree." More on the animal psychic!

  10. oh man, i'm pretty sure even having cats as pets should be classified as 'insanity' (and i say that as a bonafide cat lady....). glad he's gonna be ok! hopefully Prair will soon get the same thumbs up from the vet with minimal future Bills

  11. LOL, totally empathize with this. I have a $6,000 Jack Russell :) That pooch in 2 days blew Pongo's 2014 vet bills in their entirety out of the water with an unexpected ACL surgery. Also found out my horse insurance is WAY better than my dog insurance (complete waste of money).

  12. Ok, I need details on the baby toe story. I have this image of you chopping carrots while your baby is (for some strange reason) standing on the cutting board 😂 Inquiring minds want to know!

  13. What GPS thingy do you use on the cat?


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