Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Time Warp

I think I might be embarrassed if read back and started seeing how many posts started with "oops, sorry for the absence" so I'm not going to check, I'm just going to say "oops, sorry for the absence"

Firmly in the category of nobody-really-cares-cause-where-are-the-horse-pictures, The Boy forced/convinced/made me go back to Boston last weekend for my 10 year college reunion.  Now I'm sure some of you are like "OLD LADY GO HOME" and others are thinking "10 years, cute, call me when you go to your 20, or 30... or whatever.."  but omg REUNION = hysterical.  wildly entertaining

In retrospect I should have made a College BINGO card because I'm certain a) I would have won (and I like winning) and b) um... it would have been fun.

Somehow in 36 hours, we (we being my old housemates and I) ticked off all major college experiences and somehow managed to get ourselves back on our respective planes and back to real life.  Now, we came back mostly exhausted and slightly worse for the wear, but still - success.  However I've been playing catch up all week and haven't had a chance to talk about the Mare at all.

I could report on what staying in dorms is like in your 30's (gross, but fun if you're slightly drunk) and if anyone needs a recommendation for a pair of nude wedges that won't kill your feet when you end up in them from 4pm-4am, but shoes reviews are not as fun as tack reviews so I'll skip that. 

I will however sum up the experience buy clarifying that it is always funny to watch friends make out in common rooms, always appropriate to sneak whiskey into campus events and always smart to end the night/start the morning with buffalo chicken calzones (why the rest of the country doesn't offer this delicacy is beyond me).

If I did have time to talk about the mare it would have been this "She's fat.  She likes hand grazing"

That's it.  We are 2 weeks away from our 8 week ultrasound (god it sounds more like she's pregnant, than a sport horse) which aside from being closer than I thought also means I should pay my last vet bill before I ask my vet to take more pictures of my mare again.  (face palm).

My catch ride lessons continue to be really productive (and also exhausting AF) but I'm eager to get the mare back, so I really, really, really hope I get my mare back soon.

Time for a nap.


  1. Sounds like an epic and necessary reunion vaca!!

    Eeeek 2 weeks!!

  2. Good report! I think you covered all of your bases: the mare, (human) shoes, food, friends, travel and monies.

    You deserve that nap.

  3. mmmm buffalo chicken calzones... now i know what i want for lunch haha

  4. Love reading your entries! Could you check out my new horse blog? I am new to this but am trying to get one started!

  5. Buffalo chicken calzones? Ummmm. Sign me up.

  6. So about those wedges...

    (You are not alone in the "dear god how many pronged absences can I have?!?!" group.)

    1. I too would love to hear more about cute comfortable shoes ☺

  7. Ha! Sounds like it was worth the trip


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