Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Eating Ramen: and other cheap things to do after wiring all your money away...

Title is self explanatory I think.  We are officially one step closer to bringing New Gray Horse home.

Good thing we actually like ramen??!?

The money (all.of.it) has been sent. 

But as I've just sent a mysterious and large amount of money into Brussels (to an ex-pat) in the middle of a white-hot hunt for suspicious activity... I'm a tad nervous that I've been flagged onto some international watch list.

I informed The Boy that if we now always get pulled for "random searches" as TSA, I might know why...

Regardless, we are inching closer to actually bringing this horse into the barn.  So I should obviously get back to important things like naming the puppy, tack ho-ing for a new horse, and well... daydreaming.


Q: When will Gray Brad arrive?

A:  His flight is booked for the 24th, which means he should just be clearing quarantine about the time Thanksgiving happens, so I'm not sure how much that will delay him getting on a truck from LAX to Seattle... I'm sort of expecting him right around the 1st of the month.. maybe a tad sooner.

Q: Is Gray Brad going to be named Brad??

A:  Not sure.  Since I cannot pronounce either his current show name or his barn name, he is certainly in need of both.  I have a few show names on a short list and since there's a USHJA discount if you renew your membership before Dec 1... you can bet I'm going to decide that pretty soon.  I'm torn as to whether or not I should try to pick his barn name before he arrives.  On one hand I like getting to know a horse and letting their name be a natural fit.  On the other hand, sometimes that is how I end up with a terrible name.

Q:How much did all of this cost?

A: I am compiling my import costs, and will definitely craft a post when I have everything finalized.  So far, aside from the actual cost of Gray Brad (flying-money-emoji) this is all running about what I expected... maybe a tad less.  Though even thinking those words is a sure fire way to get blindsided by something..

Q: How much of Prair's stuff can you use on Gray Brad?

A: Uh... hopefully at least some of it.  There's no shot in hell that her saddle will fit, I'm hoping her nice CWD bridle will... I know I have enough girths in inventory that something will work... not sure about the martingale.  For sure her blankets won't work.. I don't know what size Gray Brad wears, but I'm pretty sure it's not "brontosaurus."  I'm hoping that I can eBay some of the larger items in my collection and seed a small "tack fund" for Gray Brad.  His plane ticket pretty much wiped out his tack fund for a while I think...

So that's the update.  A name will be forthcoming, so will a USEF number... And if all goes well, there should be a Gray horse in the barn by December!!!!


  1. Yay! This is so exciting! Hope everything goes smoothly!

  2. So fun! You find have any 24" dressage girths do Ya?:)

  3. SO excited for you!! Gray Brad is basically my dream horse. Can't wait to see more of him!!!

  4. Lots of SMILEY emojis for you and Brad!

  5. Yeah for Brad-shaped Christmas presents!

  6. Fingers crossed for some cross-over between the stuff you already own & GB. This is so exciting, I am seriously squee'ing for you!

  7. Glad the deal is pretty much sealed. Gray goes with everything. Oh the options!

  8. Congratulations on Gray Brad!!! :D

  9. Wow, I totally thought importing would take a lot longer with quarantine and stuff. Yay for Brad coming home in 2 weeks!

  10. So excited for you! Love living vicariously through your process.


    Srsly my reaction whenever I hear about him. Can't wait for him to arrive (did I mention I'm coming to cisit this winter? I am.)

  12. I like to pretend Brad is mine when I read your posts;)

  13. Go with Brad as a barn name.. I mean, can you imagine the conversations at all the holiday parties? "Oh yes, well, Brad's from Germany, and he's just SO talented. I had such a great ride on him last night. Why are you looking at me all funny? Of course my husband knows about him... he told me to bring him home!"

  14. Great news! I of course discourage any use of the name Brad as it is my ex's. This fella needs a classy name ;)

  15. Should so name him Brad ... for now lol!

    I can't wait to see more of him and for him to arrive!!

    Make sure you post your for sale stuff here too :)

    So whats going on with Miss Prairie? Did I miss the plan for her? lol


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