Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Higher Standards... Child Care?

As anyone with Children, or a pet (or spouse for that matter) knows, the most entertaining "toys" are rarely whatever you spend copious amounts of money on. 

It's never the toy - but rather the proverbial box that is more fascinating for the kid (or cat, or dog or ferret..) to play with.

While the grandparents tend to keep my kid well stocked with books and toys and other age-appropriate gifts, I just had to share the current toy d'jour that simply cannot be put down.

Higher Standards Leather Care.

Yup.  Not only does it keep my strap goods soft and gleaming and lovely - it also keeps my kiddo occupied for extended periods of time.

The round container, and rounded lid are easy to grip and apparently fun to hold/roll/drop.

The lettering is easy to read and apparently very entertaining to identify
"H!... S!.. WOW!!!!"

But the most appealing part is obviously the smell. 

I'm am chased around the house by a small toddler demanding "smell dat! Smell dat!" until I relent and handover my favorite leather cleaner which she promptly sits and whiffs endlessly.

I'm assuming there's nothing wrong with that (though we may be setting ourselves up for trouble down the road).

On my last re-order I snagged a couple of the small containers which I have totally relinquished to the toy bin.

Now I just have to teach her how to use the stuff so I can really put her interest to work...


  1. Apparently Higher Standards is the best for ALL THE THINGS :) so cute!

  2. Oh my gosh that is the most adorable, funny thing ever!

  3. I bought these as a gift for a friend last christmas and she loves the product. SO ADORABLE

  4. So cute. Her shirt is adorable too.

  5. ha i totally expected you to write that she's already cleaning tack ;)

  6. I love her adorable equine themed top!
    Train her quick before she looses interest ;-)

  7. Hahaha... definitely teach her to use it!

  8. I mean, just give her some tack & a sponge and see what happens right???

  9. hahahahahaha! My littles do this too! They LOVE the smells as well!

  10. She's so cute! Definitely can see her cleaning tack for her little pony in the future ;-)


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