Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Transformation Tuesday - Windsy Edition

Back in November when I first laid eyes on Windsor, he was known only as "Gray Brad" and I was thoroughly unimpressed.

I am (constantly) reminded by those around me that, when we were horse shopping I didn't even want to go see Gray Brad because I was wholly uninterested. 

But I was talked into it, and after another hour in the car, when we saw the (small, unmuscled) gray gelding in the cross ties, I rolled my eyes and chalked it up to a waste of time.

Even when I first rode him I didn't have a breakthrough "this is my heart horse" moment. 

I mean, his face was cute, but there were some awkward angles - and he was pretty small, and there was ZERO sign of the big sweeping gaits that Prair had spoiled me with.

He was, however - extremely kind. 

And forgiving.

And cute as hell over the fences.

So, he came home, was dubbed Windsor - and the rest is history.

After eight months in a new program (and a LOT of flatwork) - he's changing shape, filling out and looking a bit more magical

Such a hunk.


  1. Not to mention the sweet cache of prizes he consistently brings home :P

  2. He's looking so great! Also, wow he's grayed out a lot over the summer.

  3. The face tho. Can't believe you didn't love the face at first. #love #sexgod #soulmates

  4. He's probably te most beautiful internet horse. The stuff of dreams

  5. He's so dreamy. Good eye, way to trust in his potential!

  6. Awwww, Windsy IS such a hunk! He may not have the big sweeping gaits a la Prairie, but I still think he's cute as hell on the flat, and over fences of course. You certainly lucked out with Gray Brad, and have a plethora of satin (and coolers!) to prove it :) What a sweet guy!

  7. That is an awesome transformation. Lots to be proud of!

  8. "A bit more magical".... a bit?? Winds is the mouth dropping, drool worthy calendar pinup that ladies desire to stare at. He is a HUNK and I am so happy he is yours (if, you know, he can't be mine).

  9. He s still THE Brad of the horses in the blogosphere

  10. Look at that fancy derby boy!! My dreams... hopefully Henry takes note :)


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