Friday, August 2, 2013

Pitter Patter

It takes more than just the normal go-to tack and equipment to make my tack 'ho heart go pitter patter.  But while rabbit-trailing down various links during Jeopardy the other night, I stumbled onto perhaps my favorite site ever.

Not because it has an endless selection (it doesn't), or even because I necessarily like everything that's offered (I don't).. but because it's mission/tag line sings to my little tack hoarding heart:

The UK's premier online luxury matchy-matchy destination.

Did you say Matchy-Matchy?????

Yes please. might be the best thing since white polos.  I mean one of the shopping categories is literally titled "Fab Over Reach Boots."  Can't get any more clarifying than that! Another (currently empty) category is "Fur and Bling." (love it!)

I've been drooling (a bit) over the Eskadron Platinum collection.  Some of it is tacky and unnecessary, but I secretly love their waffle knit competition sheet, which sadly Matchy Dressage doesn't carry, but they do have plenty of the other absurdly shiny, absurdly unnecessary Platinum items for the DQ who already has 4 of everything.
waffle knit loveliness....

mmm fleecey sheet with satin...

What. Fun. 

I don't think I can in good conscious upgrade Prair's show wardrobe without us at least jumping 3'.  2'6" doesn't exactly demand the highest level of finery....


  1. ...and I DIE from excitement. O-M-G.

  2. Love it! That waffle knit sheet is gor-geous.

  3. So move up? How is that difficult?

    Think of all the money you're saving on junk food and show fees since you're having surgery!

    1. ^enabler - but this is totally how I justify buying things!


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