Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Up or Out!

Okay... well maybe not out, but it's nice to add some pressure sometimes... Entries got filled out for the next little B show next weekend (after Labor Day) and Prair is officially aiming for the 3'3" Pre Greens, and the 2'9" whatever they call the "still not good enough for AA's" division.  Modified? Low? Who cares. 

At least it doesn't sound as pansy as "pre-adult."  That always makes me think I'm stuck there until I prove some sort of maturity.  Like maybe by a really sophisticated sense of style, or taste in weird cheeses... or caviar (I would argue I more than qualify by the cheese measure..)

Nomenclature not withstanding, (I really don't care what divisions are called so long as I feel good and comfy and maintain control) I'm excited to move up! Right now there's only one other person entered, so I really hope the division fills out, but we'll see.  It's very possible that both our attempts to move up will get nixed and Prairie will end up lumped back in with the 3' PG's and the 2'6" Pre Adults... (but I like fancy cheese!!)

It's a much shorter show (Sat/Sun only) which means we'll have to work a little harder to try and get/keep Prairie calm and relaxed without a 5 day acclimation period.  Sometimes I feel like it would be faster to set up base camp on Everest and start climbing than it is for Prairie to "relax" and "settle in like a normal horse."

Really, my only complaint about this show is a totally shallow one - the Champion ribbons are a hideous Black/Orange color combo rather than the traditional tri-colors...

I think I've mentioned this before - and I'm going to sound like a snit for saying it - but Black/Orange ribbons look like crap tacked up on my garage wall (yes I'm a 12 year old) next to the other (normal) tri-colors.

Now, I'm not so presumptuous as to think that we will DEFINITELY be coming home with tri-colors in tow, but you know... power of positive thinking and all.

GET NORMAL RIBBONS.  Black/Orange ribbons totally ruin the really cool giant ribbon quilt that exists in my mind.

So.  Onwards.  Last year at this show we entered in the Baby Greens (with S) and Long Stirrup (with me).  I'm pretty sure we killed it on the flat but then placed last in every over fences course (lol) except for the one where someone fell off and then we placed second to last.

I am confident we will have a significantly less frustrating outing this year.

I'm not *complaining* just.. suggesting a change.


  1. Haha! I feel like that color tri would be more apropos for a Halloween show and not a September show.

  2. Those are ugly ribbons, yikes. Totally legit complaint. Good luck!

  3. Ugh. They are ugly. I prefer the traditional red, blue, and yellow if i do say so myself.

  4. Ew no. I'm with you on traditional colors. I showed for years where they had rainbow 1-6 and every champion was a different color each week... boo!

  5. Bahaha, our show that my dressage team ran got black/orange championship ribbons instead of the usual tricolors because it's our school colors. They're definitely not my favorite color combo, but I thought it was neat. Though I must say our ribbons were prettier than those ;) Hey, at least they're not rainbow. I absolutely hate rainbow ribbons.

    1. lol. School show - different story. Totally allowed. I think we did school colors for high point as well.. baby blue and brown baby!

      Regular Championship ribbons? strongly dislike.

      I'm all for novelty colors for novelty ribbons (unanimous champ, sportsmanship awards, etc)

  6. Traditional ribbons all the way. That ribbon is definitely Halloween appropriate.

  7. I love how you recapped what you did at this show last year! Defiantly impressive where you have come!

    Halloween ribbon for sure!


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