Thursday, August 1, 2013

WEC - Pro Pics

One final post from the Emerald Classic...

I got my professional photos back from WEC. Thus far I've been underwhelmed with all the jumping proofs I've seen of Prair and I from our first few "real" shows as Hunters.  Part of that is either Prair and I look like total doofuses, or alternatively like holy terrors.  Add to that the fact that 2'6" fences don't exactly inspire... dramatic action shots and the picture pickings have been slim.

That being said, I actually liked a lot of the proofs from WEC.  I settled on two that I finally ordered and I'm glad to have at least one set of photos from our first real "season" out in Hunter Land.

Feast your eyes on our Pre-Adult glory (ha):

knees! and I'm actually giving a crest release...

The second pic is from that line that we simply could NOT get our lead when we came out.  I think this was from our last round, where I (somehow) did actually managed to pilot the mare around the turn moderately balanced and get the clean change.  miracles.

We almost look like we belong!  Next stop, the A/O's :) just kidding.  Feeling good about aiming for the 3' AA's next year though.

Today I'm heading out to the barn to watch the mare school on some grass.  Will be interesting to see how she does.  I'm not sure I've ever asked her to do anything on grass other than eat it....fingers crossed!


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