Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Camera Never Lies

So, videos.  Videos from last Saturday.  They are amazing, cruel little things.  Because in my head I'm all "gosh my horse is so pretty, I love her big trit-trot, she's like super model. I love hamburgers, road trip food is delicious, what a fun day, I wonder what I could buy from the Smartpak sale... derrrrr"

And then I watch the videos and I have to adjust my self talk to something more like "jesus, I'm surprised I didn't dislocate a shoulder, what the hell was I doing in that "lengthening!??" Oh, look, my hands are wiggling around.  What am I looking at? oh, hmm. I don't think we were supposed to canter there, I love hamburgers."  (hamburgers are delicious regardless of how poorly one is riding).
mmm hamburgers.
There is lots of good to see too, so I'm not pretending it's all bad, but we certainly have plenty to fix if we ever really want to play dress up for Dressage.  Realistically Prair felt about as crazy as she usually does when she hauls someplace for the first time and I refuse to warm her up.  The biggest improvement was that said craziness didn't result in any bolting freak outs. The downside is that there's still quite a bit of tension to deal with.

I am pleased with our overall picture.  My leg is much steadier than it was last summer, my reins are shorter (goal! ding ding ding!), and my shoulders are back more often than not.  Prair is straighter, more respectful and much, much more balanced.  No small feat those things.

Our First Level 2 test did get a bit screwed up as the caller (they just offered a caller..) started calling Training Level 2 and I got all flustered and confused and did a bad job of relaxing prior to starting over again...  Also perhaps the whole "not warming up at all" thing might have been a bit of a hindrance. 

Anyway, I can't decide what's more boring to watch, Hunter Rounds, or Low Lever Dressage Tests.  I think they are both a little mind numbing, but just in case you are super bored at work, or just have a massive crush on Prair and like to watch her zoom around, here's both rides from Sat:

Just as a note, our first diagonal was supposed to be a lengthening.  We just sorta blew that one.  Also, all transitions were moderate crap.  I never really got her attention in this ride. 

Amazing how much pickier I've gotten in a year.  The first time we rode this test my goal was "stay in arena" with a reach goal of "don't die during canter tour."  Now I'm all expecting soft transitions and relaxation.. crazy.


  1. Yes on all 3. I am super bored at work, I have a crush on Prairie, AND I love hamburgers. Always. Prix Caprilli looks like fun.

  2. Haha, I too have a crush on Prairie. She still looked gorgeous regardless of tension, lol. I've always wanted to do a Prix Caprilli too, but basically no one offers them around me.

  3. Gosh she is a beautiful mover!

  4. Ditto the Prairie crush (<3) and I'm at work. I only like hamburgers if they have lots of bacon and cheese though.

    I think I laugh out lout (at my office) every time I read your blog. :D

  5. Prairie really takes you to that first cross rail! I want to see all the pics you can hear being snapped in video 2!
    Also hamburgers... Who doesn't love hamburgers... :)

  6. I agree with everyone else. Praire = gorgeous. Hamburgers = delicious


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