Monday, October 7, 2013

Champange Influanced Decision Making

A particularly lovely Saturday at the barn was capped off by a fun (early) celebration of S's birthday complete with cupcakes and champagne.

All good and delicious things.  But when you feed too many horse ladies too much (or any, really) champagne, things start to happen. Maybe it's just me, but I start to get all sorts of excited about everything and think that anything horsey or expensive (or horsey and expensive) is a great idea.

For example:

Our zone equitation finals are this week.  The show itself is "only" a C, but most of the big barns go, especially if anyone is chasing points.  It's up at the big fairgrounds, which has a great indoor, but is otherwise surrounded by concrete and the joys of showing there are often punctuated by the zooming engines of race cars at the track next door.  So, while there are a lot of good (and large) shows there, it's not exactly a Norman Rockwell portrait of the equestrian lifestyle.

Combine that with the fact that I have the second of three October wedding to attend on Saturday and I opted to write this show off.  The wedding meant I couldn't show Sat, which I thought would kill my amateur divisions and it was just too much money to send Prair just for the Pre-Greens.

Unless I'm drinking champagne. 

So we entered.  I found out that the regular Eq divisions run Friday (so I can enter those), Hunter divisions run Sat and Sun (not helpful), but the Medals and fun extra Eq finals are all Sunday, which if I behave myself at the wedding on Saturday... are doable.

here we go again....
Now the only problem is I need to figure out how to haul up Tues or Wed, groom Prair for her Thursday divisions (Large & Pre Green), Groom and Ride my Eq Division on Fri, and somehow squeeze in the week of work that I was planning for since I wasn't planning on showing. (this involves closing on a property in Boise, which... isn't close).

It all sounded like a brilliant idea on Saturday with a cupcake stuffed in my mouth and a solo cup of bubbles.  Last night, I had a slight panic attack about logistics, but a glass of wine returned me to my exuberant state and conviction that showing would be nothing short of a great idea.

And as The Boy put it, "if you're aiming for Thermal, wouldn't a few more shows between now and then be a good idea?"

Where did I find him!?


  1. Hahahahahaha drink up ;)

    Oh man your hubby is a keeper!!

  2. Seriously!? Does he have a brother!!??

  3. A property in Boise? Will you be visiting anytime soon? I would love to hang out if you are! You can come for dinner! :)

  4. I am quite familiar with those alcohol induced horse show decisions :)
    Good luck and have fun!

  5. Oh man, he's a keeper! Good luck with that schedule :)

  6. Boy is right. ;-) Need to be all polished for Thermal.

    I suspect you're on another whirlwind trip, but text me if you have free time. :)

    1. SB & Lindsay - whirlwind signing trip this time, but I'm certain there will be some longer overnights.. in which case I need to visit the "new" ponies!!

  7. Liquor always makes me do stupid things that then I feel obligated to follow through on. Of course, when it comes to horse shows, I'm sure it didn't take much arm twisting!


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