Thursday, October 31, 2013

Closet Cleanout.

I confess that I enjoy organization, (See Garage Makeover, Tack Locker Makeover, and Tack Trunk Organizational Theory as proof of how this extends to horsey life), but I am also one of those people that once stuff starts to get messy, cluttered or disorganized I lose all motivation to keep things tidy and it all turns into a big pile of tangled crap in a heartbeat.

The backseat of my car, my shoe closet and (sadly) my pantry are all perfect evidence of this, though I thankfully lack the photographic evidence to back it up.

The mayhem and disorganization only goes so far though, and eventually I hit my threshold for piles of unorganized things. 

This has happened.

Fortunately or unfortunately it has happened at the same time for all disorganized things.  Earlier this week I ransacked my pantry, threw out weird/old/gross canned things, recycled the inexplicable pile of grocery and shopping bags that slowly takes over all the shelves and then neatly stacked all things in an appropriate place so that rice noodles no longer share a shelf with pistachios.

My closet is the real terror, so I won't bore you with those details, but that leaves horsey land which also needs a thorough spring/fall clean out and tidying.  I am a bit of a pack rat, but full recognize that since I only use maybe, 10% of my horsey stuff at any given time, I need to look long and hard at how many extra saddle pads are worth holding on to, and whether or not I can pare down my collection of boots/bits/whatever. 
What it looks like when not overflowing with dirty blankets/pads/etc
I need to start with my lockers and take out the redundant items there first (I don't need to keep 4 sets of polos at the barn all the time...) and then if something can't be stored neatly/easily at home in the garage corner - away it goes.

So I am making my declaration.  The things will be cleaned. 

If anything is still perfectly serviceable but not needed for my girls, I'll get it up on here in case it's someone else's treasure, but the purge must start...


  1. Funny how much stuff you realize you actually have once you look. f you find anything worth selling, let us know. :)

  2. I'm jealous of all the space in that locker! We have lockers at my barn but they only about a quarter of that size. I had to purge too, to make it work, but actually that was probably a good thing even though my inner tack ho hated every second of it.

  3. Come to my house too? My pistachios are very much next to my rice and pasta. :)

  4. Oh man, I am totally in the place of so much horse stuff that is NOT needed. I'm trying to hold out until the local tack store does their "tack swap" in April, but that is so far away I'm not sure I'm going to make it!!

  5. I generally keep my tack locker, tack armoire, wood trunk, toy box, show truck and misc spaces tidy. Over time (esp after season changes), some of them get messy or I forget which spot I put what in. But I LOVE tidying them up. Not my house, oh no. Just my tack stuff :)

  6. So I totally read this post before any of the others I opened because I was all "OMG GINGHAM'S SELLING STUFF!!!"

    But not yet. Carry on.

  7. ^ this. I totally thought it was going to be a blog sale post! Looking forward to your purge... Bc I need more stuff like a hole in my head... ;)

  8. Let the shopping begin!!

    Oh and you can come to my house too!

    Tho my Henry stuff is way cleaner then the rest of my life ha!

  9. I just got a trailer with a very spacious dressing/tack area and not enough stuff to fill it! I am in trouble!


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