Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gus Lameness Check In

Yesterday was glorious here.  Blazing blue skies, crisp leaves swirling around, pumpkin spice lattes, etc etc..

So, even though it's the quiet day at the barn and Prair's day off, I opted to tootle out to the barn and take Gus for a spin and see how he's feeling.  Truth be told I haven't been on him in... a couple months? I've lunged and jogged him what feels like endlessly, but it seemed time for an actual ride.

So we tacked up (complete in dusty pink polos) and went for a ride.

and he was lame.

Really. Really. Lame.

S mentioned he seems to work out of it (a bit), so we left the arena and opted to go hacking around the property and say hi to everyone in their pastures and just enjoy the sunshine.
Fuzzy Gus ear and Fall foliage.
He was perky and pleasant (as always), but felt really short on his right front, and a bit more stumbly than I remember him ever being.  We probably meandered around for about 20 minutes before I noticed that his stride was starting to even out - especially on firmer ground.  He still seemed a bit labored on deep/soft footing. 

Eventually we wandered back to the outdoor so I could at least get a little trot/canter in to see how things felt.

His trot felt absolutely awful.  Where he's usually been very soft in the bridle, he was braced and sort of lurched around the turns.  His canter felt much better, but his downward transitions (usually prompt and appreciated) felt awkward and stiff.

Now, I know this is likely due to him using that RF differently, but it's also possible that he is out of shape and unschooled.  Just to see how responsive he was I asked for a couple leg yields and a few flying changes.  All were duller and less willing that previous.  Whether it's because he can't use himself, or because he is in defensive and obstinate school horse mode, I don't know.  Probably both.

All in all we were probably only in the arena for 8 minutes, so it wasn't a long workout, just a varied one to see where things stood...

So, he's down to one lesson a week and I'm hoping to at least hop on and move things around for 10 minutes a few times a week to see if more regular/correct work improves things, or makes them worse. 

The good news is that his RF wasn't sore at all to palpation.  He is also due for a trim (Wednesday) and some bodywork (also Wednesday).  I'll see if either of those folks notice any big changes with him...
Gus says lame ponies deserve treats too!
He is just the happiest, easiest, most pleasant pony to be around.  Plus he's cute as a friggin button. I really enjoyed my walk in the sunshine with him yesterday. 


  1. Here's hoping Gus feels better soon! He really is adorable...

  2. Love Gus. So great he's getting treated like the prince he is.

  3. Oh man poor Gus! Hope that he feels better soon!! I bet he loved then "trail" ride too!! He's super cute!

  4. I'm sure there's a bit of lesson sourness in there, hopefully less lessons, more mommy time will help :)


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