Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Not So Bad Afterall!

As I was warming up for my lesson this am and S was setting jumps, she mentioned "hey, did you see that you still got 8th in that Medal Final?"

And I'm thinking "yes, obvi I compulsively checked the results, 8th, bottom of the list, got it."

Which is when she reminded me there were more than 8 people in the class.

Which means that even without trotting the trot fence or halting when we were supposed to - we somehow still beat people.

I can interpret this a few ways:

1) The competition couldn't have been that stiff if I could basically go off course and still place.

2) The judge really liked Prairie (or me, or whatever)

3) Our round was just so good that even with the glaring mistakes we squeaked by some other rides.

I'm going to assume #1 isn't correct (though it may be) since most of the horses/riders in my class spend the entire season on the A circuit winning things.

I'm also pretty sure #2 isn't correct since Prair suffered pretty badly in the placings for her Large and Pre-Green divisions.  (the Large rounds were pretty much disastrous, but she put in some nice work for the Pre-Greens...).

Which means that by a not-so-thorough process of elimination, I'm left to assume that aside from not riding the test components, the judge must have thought we did nicely. 

This was a nice little upper before our lesson went to shit and Prair decided that she had literally never seen an arena (or jumps) before. 

It was.... frustrating. 

Silver lining is I definitely don't have to do cardio later today after working through that little rodeo...


  1. Good news and bad news. Hope you work through the frustration soon.

  2. Hi there! I'm new to your blog, but I'm really enjoying reading about your horsey adventures with P1, P2 and Gus! I love that you include lots of photos and videos too. I came across your blog via She Moved to Texas and Wyvern Oaks. Oh, and I'm in LOVE with P2, she's so big and pretty :) Keep the posts coming!

  3. At least it wasn't all bad.. some good in there makes it worth it! :)


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