Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ahh, My Loves

Maybe it's the Holiday season, or maybe it's the fact that I know long, ambling days at the barn are limited, but I have just been enjoying the crap out of the horses recently. 

Prair has continued toe be a relatively calm, lazy mare and I have relished light hacks where I just... don't. care.  Is she using herself perfectly? no.  Are we engaged and uphill all the time? for sure not, but it is so freaking nice to just ride and not pick a fight and know that Prair is relaxed and happy that it's enjoyable.

I think the fact that we have a move to a more structured program looming in the near future is also contributing to my current love affair with such a laissez-faire attitude. 

Also, spirits have been buoyed by a significantly less-lame Gus, which is also fun to see.  He has more spring to his step and is just more energetic and engaged.  He is clearly feeling better (why I don't know, I'm just enjoying it) so playing with two, happy, healthy horses is just not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Also, look at this face.  She has been an absolute lover.  Just soft and quiet and willing to stand untied and gently negotiate for cookies.
sweetest mare.
a slightly more insistent cookie face
Gussie and his cute faced friend.
I will definitely miss having the ponies in the same place!


  1. There is nothing quite like spending quality relax time with your horses. Sure, bringing home the blues is its own form of awesome, but sometimes it's those quiet moments that are the best. Enjoy it!

  2. I know the insistent cookie face very well!

  3. Aw, I'm glad you're enjoying your babies so much :)

  4. They are both so gorgeous! I'm glad you're enjoying your relaxing time with them. I'm sorry I can't chime in on your decision... I've always had my horses at home so I'm not qualified to give suggestions on boarding situation decisions lol. I just wish you luck in your decision and I hope the right answer presents itself quickly so you don't have to worry over it constantly (like I know I would!). :)

  5. LOVE those laid back, go with the flow, no agenda rides! They are the best! And even better when the ponies play nice!

  6. They look like twins in the last one! I think I mentioned it, but A, my old trainer, rode up to she was 36 weeks I think...until her belly hit the pomel. :)


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