Wednesday, December 18, 2013


We had one of our (many) holiday celebrations on Monday evening, this one with The Boy's side of things, which always involves (among other things) way too much good food and a healthy dose of chatting and catching up.

We also exchanged gifts, and M2 is particularly good at finding little old treasures to tuck in the mix.  This year was no exception, but I thought a couple items were worth sharing.

Like this adorable picture of The Boy
How cute is he!?

Apparently getting ready for a trail ride on Summer Vacation, I think this pic is adorable.  As much as he claims not to be horsey, he's clearly always been relaxed around the beasts.  Lucky me, eh?

one more for good measure
Also, for the record, in this second pic, my mom asked "is that a horse?"  To which I sigh and wonder how I ever convinced that woman to throw the horses their lunchtime hay when we kept them at home....

Had to share ;)


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