Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Next Steps

Well wheels are in motion.  I am reveling in some much appreciated relief from constant nausea (small victories) and things are trundling along with the pony plans.

plans, plans, plans, plans...
I suppose nothing has moved on the Pia front, but if Andrea makes too many comments about taking the red mare if she were closer, she's going to find a cute red mare in a big red bow on her doorstep. :) 

Seriously.  I will ship her. 

I'm going on a "first date" with Prairie's potential new trainer on Friday so that should be fun.  I hate finding new trainers.  It stresses me out.  At least on real first dates it's socially acceptable to have a martini or two in order to feel pretty and fun and approachable.  When you're vetting new trainers there is usually a distinct lack of martinis (which should be addressed...).  Also, deciding on a new trainer/program is sort of like going on a first date and talking about how you'd raise kids together.  Can't we just flirt and text for a while??? so much easier...

So Friday is that.  I remember the facility from about 15 years ago when I used to volunteer at the hippotherapy/adaptive riding program that used to be there.  It's not huge, turnout is limited, but the grounds are nice, safe and the rings are really good.  So I'm trying to go in open minded.  Also, there are some great trails that leave off the property which is appealing. 

Fingers Crossed.

I do have a couple other trainers in mind that I would enjoy should the lease fall through but I'm not thinking that far ahead yet. 

Speaking of the hippotherapy/adaptive riding place.... they ended up moving down the road and I reached out to them about Gus being a possible therapy pony.  He might be too lame to be of full use to them, but they have lots of clients who are walk only, or walk with limited trotting so Gus may have a part time job spreading lots of love and joy around over there.  I would love it he ended up being able to do that.  For one thing, he'd be close to Prair (fingers crossed, remember?) and also very close to M2!  For another... I'd really like him to still have a bit of a job, and I think he'd like that too, especially if it was with nice people and kids.

In terms of actually riding, Prair has continued to be a really good mare.  There was one slight exception which involved trying to jump through a small grid with no reins that wasn't so awesome.  Something about me dropping my reins entirely (even with a nice knot) sent the mare into orbit. 

In her defense a horse was getting shockwaved in the aisle so there was clicking and clacking and hay was being thrown for dinner so maybe the sudden rein drop wasn't the entire issue but who knows.

Other than that, even given the cold temps in the 20's, Prair's kept her head on straight.  We had an awesome ride in the outdoor today (barely thawed) that involved some fun courses with skinnys, and coops and a triple combo and she took it all in stride.

If anything my struggle was getting enough impulsion... so starnge.  I think I need to put my spurs back on. 

Also, when Prair's relaxed I get suckered into be totally soft... which is "good" but I'm also letting her dive around on her forehand through corners, so I need maybe start actually riding more - even if she isn't taking off with me.


  1. Congratulations! Somewhere I have Andrea's address. :) I'll even make you the bow. I'm sure she'd LOVE that. I hope things work out. I am glad Denali was gone before I got prego, I think I would have freaked out. Thinking of you!

  2. Keeping fingers crossed for Gus and Pia, I am sure Pia would love Texas :)

  3. Maybe Prairie is very aware of you, and can sense hormonal changes. She has foaled before, so it isn't too far-fetched [okay, maybe it is]. That'd explain her compliant demeanor, and reluctance to exert too much energy. Just a thought.

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  5. Oh jeez if you guys send her I will adore and love her but like I really need ANOTHER mare!!

  6. Lots going on and I am sure it will all fall into place!

  7. That's exciting about Gus! I hope that works out. It would be perfect for him. :D


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