Thursday, May 1, 2014

Who's Walking Who

Got some good time in with Gus while the sun was shining.  His RF is looking a tad stiffer than normal, though that seems to be par for the course when temps soar above 70 around these parts (ha).  Same thing happened last year when the weather changed.

I only lunged him for a couple circles each way... just enough to see what I was working with, then I decided we should just go stroll around in the sunshine.  So I took the old guy out to the track, and we meandered around.  I suppose he gets just as much credit for walking me, since it's either him or The Boy who has to make sure I shuffle my feet around for at least half an hour each day.  Growing babies is exhausting, who knew.

low energy levels from us both
a bump.

Naturally we both thought it was a good idea to take a break in the shade and eat some grass before we called it a day.

Gus.  What a Gentleman.


  1. Cute! Pony walking isn't a bad way to get the exercise in!

  2. Not sure if you should be eating grass with a baby on the way.... ;) j/k

  3. The perfect horse to spend baby cooking time with.

  4. Ah what a good walking companion :)

  5. He's so cute! Keep moving before the cankles settle in!

  6. Awwww!!!! Walking our horses is so much fun isn't it? :D


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