Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Par Avion (Again)

Man, almost exactly a year later I find myself compulsively tracking (yet another) saddle shipment.
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The first time we went through this song and dance with CWD, I was anxiously awaiting the saddle's arrival on a Friday so we could pack up and hit our first ever A show on Sunday.

My what a difference a year can make.

This time, Prair's all tucked in at the show grounds and somehow it seems perfectly *normal* that I'm blasting out a couple hours of work before I escape to go sit in the stands and watch my Trainer lope her around the show ring...  Relative normal changes so quickly.

"Blasting out work" probably isn't an accurate description since mostly I'm just sitting like a confused squirrel and brainstorming on what exactly I do with said new saddle.

Last time the CWD showed up the fit could only be described as tragic.  I was tipped so far back that I could barely post out of the tack - though I was so high on the smell of new leather that I tried to convince myself that all would be well once my "custom" saddle broke in just a little bit.

This time around, I'm a bit more leery about what I'll find in the box when it lands stateside - but I'm even more confused about how I'll go about making sure that it's a good fit for me.  I currently look like I'm smuggling a substantial watermelon under my shirt, and since even my maternity jeans are busting at the seams (probably not a good sign) something tells me that legging up even just to sit in the thing isn't going to give me a great idea of whether or not it's the right seat for when I actually start riding again.

So... what to do.  Obviously I can have N and Half Lease Lady ride in it (assuming it fits Prair) but that doesn't make it any easier to confirm my fit.


Doesn't this baby know if she'd just come out already we could get to work on procuring her own tack instead of piggybacking on mine? ;)

Just kidding - she should probably cook a few more weeks...

But seriously.  What do I do with this saddle.


  1. Such a conundrum. I would volunteer to come up and test it out, but that doesn't really help either. ;-)

  2. When is yours supposed to arrive? Mine shipped today and they said it will be to me Friday but that seems so fast!

    Doesn't CWD garuntee the fit for you too for a certain period? esp since you ordered a combo you didn't get to try (I'm in this boat). Seems to me like they should be patient with you given that you've been patient for a year! :)

    1. Apparently CWD always ships on Wednesdays.. but last time it was 2 days to my door, which is what it's supposed to be this time as well... sort of blows my mind since dover shipments seem to take...forever, but I'll take it!!

      and I think they do guarantee the fit, I'm just not sure they are thrilled for me to oil up a second saddle and start having other people use it when it'll still be a couple months before I'm realistically able to ride in it...

    2. Id tell them to get over it. My rep told me to use my saddle like it's mine and no matter what they will make it right if it doesn't fit me or Houston but that she wants me to feel it broken in (for my perspective - not hues fit) before I decide unless it's just god awful.

      You oil yours? I think I was told mine will be oiled and not to oil it myself anymore. Just lots of conditioner before ride one and then clean/ condition like normal from there... Mine will be buffalo grain though.

  3. Eee, that's hard. I'd sit in it and then tell them to deal with it if you decide you don't like the fit post baby. They will make it right.

  4. I would give them the heads up now that you may not fit quite correctly so if down the road an exchange does need to happen then you've set the groundwork

  5. Agree with above comments. Also since this saddle was a fix for the poor fitting one, the timing of this saddle's arrival isn't your fault at all and CWD should understand you can't test it out. If it was a first purchase, I could side with saddle company if it took you 6 mo to bother to test it out for yourself since you ordered it knowingly prego. But, not the case for you :) Lots of smelling and petting for now :) Don't hesitate to condition/oil if it fits P.

  6. I can't wait to get back in the saddle either... soon we will be there! :)

    You just get to go back to a much fancier saddle :) lol

  7. Could you put the saddle on a barrel or a stand or something to sit in it? That way your feet can be on the ground and there is no danger to baby. Otherwise it looks like just a wait and see game. I'll keep my fingers crossed it fits you both!


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