Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Down Days

Prair had yesterday off, just some long hand walks to get out of the stall - but today it was back to work schooling for the second week.

One of the benefits of this particular facility is that it's got miles (and miles and miles) of trails that head off right from the arenas.  It also has a fun XC course and Derby Field, but I've been told experimenting with those fun new things while "trying to relax the mare" might not be helpful.  Plus, if anyone is taking that mare XC it's me.. so that will just have to wait!

Glad to see that she's getting of out the sandbox for some time on the trails though.  Hopefully it helps her relax and unwind a bit too!

Shiny Show Mare Explores...
Tomorrow I'm back up to the show to watch the two Pro Days again.  Not sure what Prair is getting entered in, I suppose I'll find out when I get there!

game time!

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  1. The count down is getting so close to when you can ride again! 5 weeks 2 days till my daughters eviction date! lol :)


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