Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Fixes

The Boy and I are coveting our final kid-free weekends and trying to fill (or not fill) them with as much casual lounging and time spent doing our favorite things.  Things like lazy brunch followed by barn visits and reading on the deck... the sort of things I imagine might disappear for a bit when we're surgically attached to a crying, hungry, sleepy bambino.

Saturday, I scooted out to see Mr Gus and get him started on his Power Pack.  God he's cute.  Just the cutest.  And really he isn't even that rude about his paste.  My mares always give me a huge stink eye when they see a large syringe, then refuse to accept treats afterward as though I have severely violated their trust and they will never (ever) accept another food offering from me again after that horrid, horrid, paste.

Gus however, does not hold grudges.  He scrunched up his nose with his wormer but then immediately sought out more treats.  I suppose his theory is that most things I give him are delicious, so the paste must have been a fluke and certainly the next food offering will be delicious.


Anyway, walked him around, gave him some grass, and turned him out to enjoy the sunshine on his own before zooming down to see Prair.
Not looks as ribby as he does in my mind... thankfully
 Main trainer was down in CA judging all week (I hope she was nice to L and Ramone!) so Prair and HLL have been lessoning with the assistant (love her).  The OCD part of my brain gets anxious about mixing up the training regimen right before two weeks of showing, but in point of fact, it seemed to be a good thing for both Prair and HLL, because they both looked awesome.  Relaxed, happy, adjustable... all good things.  Prair was really holding her shape nicely in their flatwork, and they both looked mush more confident over a couple courses.  All in all, exactly what you'd hope for before packing up to show. :)

Also, I really can't emphasize how well groomed Prair is.  HLL buffs that mare to a SHINE.  It's insane.  She's soft and glossy and all trimmed up, which is more than I can say for my own efforts when I'm the one in charge of the elbow grease...
Sleepy, Shiny, Happy.
Prair ships today, and I'll join her Wednesday (fully relegated to Treat-Feeder status) for a few days of spectating and socializing.

Looking forward to completing a comparison of where we are relative to our outing at this show last year..


  1. Both ponies look awesome!

    Love that Gus doesn't hold a grudge- after worming for like 10 min Henry won't take anything from me lol!

    Can't wait to hear about the show!

  2. Dang she is shiny!!!!

    Chrome is really good about his dewormer. He takes the treat after but then spits it out because he thinks it tastes like the paste. If he would chew it up he would realize it gets rid of the flavor. Oh well. He prefers the grass or hay for that. :) Also when he was younger and got back to back respiratory infections and then injured he was taking the antibiotics everyday. He was great and he would accept treats after that so it must not taste as bad lol.

  3. Simon totally holds a grudge. He could learn some lessons from Gus!

  4. They both look great, but man Prairie is SHINY!

  5. Good luck at the show! Gem used to rear whenever she saw a syringe anywhere near her. She was so full of worms when we got her that I had to do a Power Pak. Those were the worst 5 days I have had with her. But after that, she finally calmed down about it and takes it with just a nasty, nasty glare.

  6. Holly looks so offended I jam wormer in her mouth. She also does the cat-like, hey look I took the med, no wait here it comes back out think if I don't jam some food in there right after. It was kinda cool knowing your trainer was one of the judges, in that small world sort of way, L pointed her out when I played spectator. Enjoy your last bit of baby-free time, but know the next part is kinda rough, but so amazing.


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