Wednesday, June 4, 2014

P1 Update

I know I (sorta) swore that I would respect P's new mom and their new lives and privacy together, but I'm just too thrilled with how things are going to stay totally silent.

P's New Mom is really friendly and totally gracious and sending me random pictures of them on trail rides, or horse nose selfies, or pictures of P rolling happily in a big, green pasture.. all of which I proudly show off to The Boy (or whoever else is within picture-sharing reach) while I ooooohhh and ahhhhh over how pleased I am to see her being a happy horse.

But when I got the latest pic of P and her New Mom, I decided I just can't-not share it with you guys.


They Jump!

They jump happily! with soft ears and on uneven ground and... happily!

It sounds like they have a good thing going and are enjoying their lessons (both on the flat and over fences) with no sign of the anger or unwillingness that P had years ago.

I firmly believe that all the time at Summer Camp served P well, and that the set up at her new home (outside, lives with other horses...) is keeping P happy and healthy and setting her up as a good partner.

I'm so thrilled to see them clicking.  For all the angst I had about losing control over this mare, it seems to be for naught - as it looks like they are already a happy, relaxed pair who are getting to explore new things together.


For all of you who have watched P go through her (many) metamorphoses - How cool is it to see her here now!?

Love that mare!


  1. Very happy to see this! Glad she's doing so well!

  2. **applause** Suuuuuuuuper happy that you're happy that she's happy! :)

  3. So happy to see her happily jumping, yay for Pia!

  4. This is fab!!! I love seeing her so happy and I bet you love it even more! Love that her new owner gives you lots of updates, those are THE BEST!

  5. Looks like she's finally found her place in the world. :-) Never thought I'd see the day.

  6. Where's the darned like button?!?!

  7. How great that she keeps you updated and its all going so well!

  8. That is so awesome!!! That picture actually brought tears to my eyes. I'm so happy for Pia!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wonderful news!
    Delighted to hear that things are going so well for her & her NM!
    It's great that she keeps in touch...any chance you can talk NM into blogging so we can all stalk *ahem* oooh & ahh at fab photos too :)


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