Friday, September 26, 2014

All Quiet

Man. So little to say.

Gus is good.

Prair is walking in circles....

That about sums it up. I keep meaning to play with Hyper Lapse and get some super awesome video of us walking around... And around.... And around. But as it turns out even with a cocktail and some earplugs the mare still requires two attentive hands on the reins lest she decide the door is (once again) a monster or that other horses require shying away from.

I suppose if they are still a touch reactive you know you aren't sedating your horse too much :-/

On the Gus front everything is going well. The program loves him and he's behaving like a gentleman. Just waiting for the results of a vet check to make use he's sound enough. Not actually sure how that will go since we know he's not 100% sound, but we shall see.

At least all the creatures are still happy and cute!!

Gus and his Barn Baby

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  1. Glad your creatures are happy! Maybe you'll appreciate this downtime when things get crazy busy again?

  2. cute pic! hope you graduate from the walking circles soon and can give Prairie some work that will help take the edge off lol

  3. Hugs to you guys. Keep on truckin!

  4. Glad you guys are surviving!! Barn baby and baby smell = my favs

  5. Happy and cute is awesome. Fingers crossed for Gus! Do they know light exercise is what he needs?

  6. Oh my gosh that last pic tugs at the heart strings ♡♡


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