Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Maybe the best word I've heard in months (well, you know - aside from "here's your healthy baby! but that's lots of words and TROT is only one).

Prair got a once over while the Vet was looking at another horse and she (apparently) is sound.  SOUND.  sound.  Time for the sound-horse-emoji-praise-jesus-hands!
Prair's life doesn't get much more exciting, but we are cleared for five whole minutes of trot work. 
In theory we'll do that for two weeks then hopefully go to 10 min of trot work after that.  I know rehab is slow, but this is feeling slow-er than what I was expecting.  Although it's not like we have anything on the calendar so there's no reason to rush anything. 
In the meantime, in an attempt to be riding-ready (and also to not go totally crazy) I've been streaming every 10 minute Pure Barre/Beach Barre/Booty Barre/Barre3/why-isn't-there-any-wine-at-this-"bar"-barre class that I can find. 
My butt and legs are rigid with lactic acid, so hopefully it's doing something productive.
I'll be at the barn tomorrow for Prair's inaugural trot session, so let's hope she doesn't rocket me to the moon! YAY TROT!


  1. YESSSS! Having been there recently, I know just how exciting it is to be given the all-clear to trot! WOOT!!!

    Fingers crossed for a steady and uneventful recovery!

  2. "...every 10 minute Pure Barre/Beach Barre/Booty Barre/Barre3/why-isn't-there-any-wine-at-this-"bar"-barre class..." LOLZ :)

    YAY for trot work! Super excited for you and Prair, here's to a smooth recovery!

  3. Haha WOOOO! I've definitely been there... even getting to walk under saddle was the most exciting thing in the world for a while. Also, the part about pure barre - so funny


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