Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Slight disappointments

Uggggh, posting from my phone because the last time I saw my laptop was when I put it on top of my car.

..... And then drove off...


So that's a little frustrating.

Hopefully it self destructed as it fell off on the freeway. But I can't shake the feeling that it softly bounced off on a side street and someone is just loving all my horse photos and geeky spreadsheets.

Anyway. Phone post. Yay.

Prair's checkup yesterday was good I guess. I missed it because of a doctor appointment that ran about an hour late- but really being there is more about my own curiosity- since the vet and trainer pretty much have it covered..

Anyway. Prair got lunged (during which she was a total lunatic which I suppose was to be expected).

She's 100% sound to the right, but still a 1/5 on her LF when traveling left....

So, the prescription is 30 days of tack walking for 30 min (instead of her euro sizer walks).

The idea is that the vet wants us asking for more reach with that LF, without any impact from trotting yet...

Not quite the full green light I was hoping for, but progress is progress so I'll take it!

Today was the first day of tack walking so I pulled on my preggo breeches (so ready for this weight to be GONE) and zoomed to the barn.... Without my helmet (dammit!)

I'm pro helmet anyways, but on a mare who's been stall bound for two months??? Um, YES PLEASE. So i hunted around until I found one to borrow then got to tacking up.

Tack!! For the mare!! (And a helmet for me)

Upon entering the ring, mare's face basically hit the rafters, so I promptly turned around, gave her some don't-hurt-yourself-you-idiot juice and tried again.

Second attempt was much better and we had a lovely 30 min walk. Didn't play too much but varied between a loose free walk and marching forward walk.

So aside from the laptop and continued slow rehab, we are all good.

I got to ride Prair for the first time since March.

And I FINALLY got to sit in that damn new saddle! Whee!

Only one way to get a picture between the ears!!!

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  1. Sorry you didn't get the full green light, but I hear a lot of the healing happens during tack walking as well? Plus you get to ride!!!!!!

  2. Ugh laptop... And when they've been on stall rest for so long "don't-hurt-yourself-you-idiot juice" is defi what they need. Love that name for it BTW.

  3. Nice to be riding again, even if just walking =)

  4. Boo @ laptop abandoning you
    Yay @ riding the uber pretty girl!

  5. yay - congrats for finally getting back in the saddle! hopefully her recovery continues apace (and also hope your laptop either shows up, or is fubar)

  6. Woo hoo tack walking!!!

    AMEN about losing the baby weight!!

  7. Yay @ tack walking and i hope the recovery process continues smoothly.
    How was the fixed saddle to ride in? ☺
    Nay to suicidal laptop, fingers crossed you get it back.

  8. Glad you could get a ride in, and that she's (almost) good as new! :)

    Prair's face says "mother. Get me OUT of this stall."

  9. Any progress is good! :) Glad you finally got to ride, and in your new pretty saddle!

  10. Yay for riding in the beautiful new saddle, and happy juice for the mare!

  11. Hurray for being back in the saddle!!!!

  12. Ummmm, sorry if no one told you, preggo brain doesn't really go away, it gets better like your waist line with time, but you'll do silly stuff from now on. Now yay for riding again!

  13. Oh crap! I hope you didn't have sensitive information or saved passwords on the laptop! Maybe some kind citizen will return it..... I'm sorry you didn't get the full green light with Prairie but any improvement is great and you got to ride yay!! How did the saddle feel?

  14. What a bummer about your computer. Sorry that Prair didn't get the all clear. I hope she continues to heal though.


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