Friday, September 5, 2014

Stall Rest... Day who-even-knows-anymore

Prair's pushing close to 60 days of stall rest.  I'd keep count, but without a regular work schedule I hardly know what day of the week it is, let alone anything else of use...

Anyway, baby and I went to see Prair today, and I'm happy to report that both of them were well behaved.  Baby slept in her front pack the whole time and politely saved all her poop for once we got home, and the mare was sweet and snugly and very eager to perform carrot stretches in exchange for.. well, carrots.

I groomed Prair just enough to get hr shine back, which coincidentally is also what it takes to completely cover me (and baby) in dirty-pee-soaked-shaving-horse-dust. Bleck.

But the mare looks well.  She's gained enough weight to warrant a reduction in her pellets (CHUB), but otherwise is just plugging along.  Her demeanor and disposition are significantly more pleasant than mine would be under the same circumstances, which earned her a few extra treats.

Shiny and Round
I tried to backup to get ALL of her in the shot

Backed into corner, butt still too large to fit
Are you guys sick of photos of my horse in her stall yet? Cause I am.

So far all her BoT stuff is wearing well.  I'm pleased with the Quick Wraps.  They are cleaner and in better condition than I would expect for daily use and her legs are shockingly cool under them given their thickness and the 80 degree weather.

But Prair's days of leisure are hopefully about to end.  Vet is back on Tuesday to take a peek at her under saddle and hopefully we get the green light to start back to work. Which means that I might get to ride the mare for the first time since MARCH.  Let's not count how long it's been since that has happened, since we've already established that counting is not my current strong suit.

Happy Weekends!


  1. she's sooo shiny! fingers crossed that the vet visit goes well

  2. OMG sooo shiny! How do you DO that!?!

    1. well. mostly I ignore her (oops).
      but during the weekly neglect she gets lots of rice bran, stays out of the mud and has a BLESSEDLY short coat so it's easy to polish up :)

  3. SOOOOO shiny!!!! Hopefully the visit goes well and you can get back in that beautiful saddle!

  4. I've been happy with the Quick Wraps too, save the fact that Pongo ripped one a bit trying to take them off by himself. From one stall rester to another, hang in there! Her shine is gorgeous!

  5. So shiney sunnies were needed to look at these pics.
    Keeping everything crossed for vet check on tuesday

  6. Ugh she's so shiny I love it!
    Fingers crossed that everything goes well!!

  7. Did I miss something? What is the potential lease situation?

  8. So shiny!!!!! She looks great! Oh and I never get sick of pictures.


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