Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hormones? Back to the drawing board...

Okie Dokie.  I am officially, and without a doubt absolutely baffled by my mare.

Miss Pia was a lover last night.  She was sleepy and soft and super quiet. I think I skipped it in my (abbreviated) update yesterday, but the last couple days, she's been exceptionally accepting of nearly everything, particularly currying her girth area and increased leg pressure during our rides.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday I was able to curry/rub/bother her girth area as MUCH as I wanted to without so much as a pinned ear.  Add to that the fact that I have been able to wrap my legs around the mare with no objection and I've been pretty pleased.

The trend continued last night, but with one distinct addition.  *winking*

Lots of drippy, gross, mare-love winking.

I checked my calendar.  Our last "difficult" rides were November 1st through the 4th.  She was EXCELLENT the last week of October, and that was when we had some of our best rides...

So, it makes sense that she's winking and being a total hussy.  It's been 15 days since her last difficult ride, which makes sense, that would account for a 15 day Diestrus period.  What doesn't make a crap ton of sense to me is why she would be in flaming winking heat, AND being an absolute lover.

I have heard tell of mares who are ok in Estrus until the actual follicle passes, which is what makes them mare-wolves, but most random experiences/articles/info that I can find say that typically, as soon as mares start the squat-pee and winking moves, you see them act uncomfortable in the cross ties, get cranky about grooming, and become she-devils under saddle..

I guess the magnifying glass is on.  The mare is clearly in heat.  (apparently NO ONE TOLD HER ITS WINTER).  The mare is clearly being good.  And the mare is behaving calmly and acting more comfy about my general fussing over her than normal.

So.  Which will it be? Will Pia throw my primary hypothesis (hormones make her crazy-crazy) for a loop?  Or will her behavior switch like a flip for the last few days of Estrus when the follicle actually passes?

I suppose only time will tell, but I do feel like there should be a betting pool on this one.

For those of the scientific inclination, here's where we stand with our variables:

Pia is back to her normal feed amount (after dropping 2 inches in a week) with increased hay.
She is still living outside full time.
She is being ridden in all the same tack and on the same 6 days a week schedule.

So, right now her "housing" is the only variable that has really changed, well that and (presumably) her hormone levels... but this week might help determine their factor in all of this.


  1. My ordinarily non-friendly-to-horses mare is a total hardbound love when she's in heat. That makes her worse for me riding, but better for her barnmates.

    Maybe you have some kind of crazy reverse?

  2. Every single event Gogo has won in her LIFE, she was in flaming heat. Every single one where we didn't win, I got dumped, or came in dead freaking last, she was not in heat. So.... some mares are just WEIRD!

  3. I can only hope that she's decided to live in Bizzaro World. I wouldn't be totally caught off guard if she hadn't had 4 months of solid bitchtastic-ness during her other cycles... But I guess we'll know in a few days!

  4. Denali goes into heat year-round. It's ridiculous, and she too is a total LOVE when she is in heat, and sadly, it's been so long since I've ridden her I can't remember what she's like when in heat and under saddle. Sigh.


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