Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Family Heirlooms.... (for P)

As always, Supermom continues to shower Miss P with gifts.  Currently almost her entire wardrobe has been furnished by Supermom and a few other items to boot. 

This time, however, P was lucky enough (and must be acting mature enough) to inherit a few of her mother's possessions.  The first, is Sadie's (her mama) halter, complete with nameplate.  I love the look and feel of well loved and well worn leather.  Sadie's halter certainly has it, and P's delicate little head looks just lovely in it.  Plus, it's nice to show your roots, right?
She also was declared worthy of her mama's old bridle.  Apparently Sadie had the same, large but "refined" face that renders bridle fit something that sits between mind numbing and impossible.  Supermom managed a lovely padded bridle with different sized bits and pieces that worked for Sadie, and wouldn't you know, it suits P's mini-nose just fine too.  It has a much better fit and offers more support for the bit.  Plus it's pretty to boot (it's what she was sporting on her Field Trip).

So, now Pia is joining the ranks of Totilas, in noseband fashion... if nothing else. (I'm pretty sure there's nothing else...)
P & T, bringing back the white padding....

Here's P:

And here's Mr. T looking just as dapper:

Okay, okay... so maybe she isn't quite  as, um, "regal" looking in this pic, but it's on my phone and P was a little more interested in everyone eating their dinners than she was in my cellphone photo shoot. 

Not that everyone and their sister doesn't imagine a perfectly gorgeous Totilas Foal, but holy crap, how cute would that baby's head be!? The whole "spaying" plan does put a kink in that particular fantasy... but then I would always have that excuse and wouldn't ever have to face the "there is no way your mare would ever qualify for a breeding to Mr. T.  Ever." rationale.

We'll just chalk it up to love lost and a shared fashion sense.

P.S. - Thanks (again, and again) Supermom.  P looks like a doll.


  1. I personally like the white padding:)

  2. Aww, Totalis has nothing on her ;)

  3. I love Totilas! I wouldn't consider it a loss though not being able to breed her. Breeding is risky and very expensive. If spaying makes her happy and healthy it won't matter one bit that she can't be bred. :)

    She is styling in her new bridle! And I love that picture of her wearing the halter. Great angle. Too bad the light glared. Oh well. Cell phone pictures are tough. :)

  4. She looks lovely! You take good pictures for using a cell phone. I wouldn't have known if you hadn't said!


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