Thursday, February 3, 2011

There HAS to be a word for this.

There HAS to be a word for this:

You know, when your horse has packed God an all his creatures/debris/crap into their hoof, so that as you are attempting to "pick" it out you end up with more of a hoof bomb than anything else?

Maybe it's because I'm meticulous, and I always flip the hoof pick around and pick toward my face/body, maybe it's because I'm clumsy as all get out.  But regardless of the reason, every once in a while I get a face full of flinging shavings, manure and mud.


Yesterday was one of these days.  P's hoof "pack" has increased substantially with her new shoes (those damn things offer all sorts of help in acquiring and keeping serious useless crap in her hooves).  I also hate leaving anything in the hoof, so I carefully scrape the edge of the shoe, dig into her heel area to totally clean things out and finish with a nice brushing to get all the wet gunk off her frog and out of the creases....

BUT sometimes this routine results in a serious fling of crap (literally) up and toward my face.  I'm pretty good at dodging it without dropping P's hoof and hiding... but last night I didn't dodge quick enough and managed to spray wet shaving in between my jacket and vest.  (ew).

This happens to other people right?  Please tell me this isn't my one unique super power.. I'd hate to waste it on explosive hoof picking. .

What is this called? I realized yesterday that it happens often enough I should have a term for it.  Hell, my birthday only happens once a year and it has a name... this happens way more often than that.




Arrrrrgh.  It's so damn gross.....


  1. I pick down and away from my face...haha but I can totally see where that would NOT be fun!!!

  2. No, omg, this has happened to me several times!!! And the way you described how you pick the hoof is exactlyyyy how I do it. Are we idiots?! I can take the hitting of the face, but it crosses a line when the nasty crap (literally) hits my lips. That.Is.Sick!!!

  3. I should pick mine away from my face, but I just get so much leverage doing it the other way... sigh. I don't know what it's called, but let me know when you figure it out.

  4. You pretty much have to pick towards yourself to get the deepest part of the cleft near the heel clean. Happens to me fairly often. It's good to keep your mouth shut when you're picking ;)

    Love to find out what it's called...

  5. I believe the scientific term is "OMG I can't believe that just happened."

  6. Hahahah, pick down, crazy! You can still get the foot plenty clean in all its cracks. And you don't get crap in your mouth!

  7. Bah! I know I'm supposed to pick down.... but I just can't get everything out around her lovely, big wide heels! maybe I need to practice. So much easier with the pick up... grumble grumble.... MAYBE I need a hoof pick with a clear protective umbrella around it to shield from splatter... I'm pretty sure that's the solution

  8. your terms had me cracking up! sounds unfortunate!

  9. It's happened to me before, but normally I can keep it far enough away that it isn't a problem (long arms). I also pick toward me on the heels because I want to get everything out and the angle is impossible picking down. I've noticed that if I spray my salt water solution down in the creases and heel it's a lot easier to get it out, so I'm not having to use as much force so it doesn't splatter lol. I can't wait to hear what name you choose. :D

  10. Hahaha! Great names! I think that happens to everyone at some point, and it seems to be the best way to get it really clean.

  11. Um, yeah. I totally do that too. Not only that, but last summer I kept getting these tiny bruises on my forearm and I couldn't figure out what the hell I was doing...yeah, pretty much injuring myself when the pick would slip every so often and hit myself. It doesn't get more frigging stupid than that!


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