Monday, February 7, 2011

The Return of "goals" or (even longer term plans - ELTP)

This weekend afforded a significant amount of time for thinking and "planning."  Between the four hour drives and the total lack of cell service or television, there was lots of time for thinking things through and chattering about nonsense with The Boy.

Fortunately, most of this was done while sipping on some champagne and sinking into an oversized bathtub brimming with bubbles - a circumstance which makes almost any conversation beyond tolerable (and also a circumstance that makes almost any hairbrained plan seem logical and necessary).

Aside from solving the world's problems (Egypt should seriously call us), brainstorming names for some seriously unborn children (as in, they'll stay that way for a while..names for magical additional horses however... that could be more immediate) and planning two moves over the next 16 months (yuck) I got to think and daydream about Miss P.

I think my goals for Pia dropped off for a number of reasons.  Mostly I got lazy, but also the fact that I seemed to simply be copying and pasting my previous goals with very little "checking off" got a little old.  Setting goals loses its steam when you don't coordinate them in a way that allows any completion or accomplishment. 

Admittedly, accomplishment is somewhat easier to feel when not getting pitched into walls or sneered at every time you walk up to your pony. 

Regardless, the last couple of weeks with P have renewed my sense of competence, boosted my confidence in terms of sticking to my own agenda (and not an outsider's), and reminded me that the mare is capable of being as sweet as her pretty head implies.

Among his many talents, The Boy's unwavering support with my riding and making things work is something I truly value.  Additionally, his eagerness to "get the mare on the road" for overnight shows and road trips is endearing and only makes me more excited to actually reach that point.(side note: this weekend he spilled that he thought going to Rolex would be a great vacation.  Can anyone say honeymoon!? kidding, kidding...).

Sometimes the gap between where we are now and actually packing up for multiple days of exhibiting as a competitor seems larger than the grand canyon...  Other days, it seems like I just have to get a little more comfortable with the idea of being really bad at our first few shows and we're practically there.. ;) I have already sworn to myself that I will have a video for the first time P has to enter a Dressage ring complete with monster letters and flowerboxes... I can ONLY imagine how much her little brain will explode.

Okay, okay, so GOALS.  I have some written down on scrap paper from the weekend (including my badly ignored budget goal.. WHOOPS).  They are coming I promise.  Probably later today.  But they are mitigated somewhat given the fact that this month is already consumed with a surprise visit from all my bridesmaids (who are scattered across the country) and getting my adorable little city loft of on the market (tear).  All of that adds up to extra time off for the mare, though thankfully she seems to be handling days off without the fire-breathing-terror that she used to.

That's a win right there...


  1. That's definitely a win! I can't wait to see your goals. I'm so happy you guys are having positive steps forward.

    Um yeah Rolex . . . totally honeymoon!!!!!! :D

  2. Definitely win! I'm glad things are working out!


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