Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Non-Horsie Post (NHP) or... the other Girl's Best Friend

In lieu of your daily Pia update, and yet another picture of her in the cross ties looking tired/pissed/hungry/adorable, you get me. Adorned in things that I will never, ever (ever, ever, ever) own.

Last night I was honored to "model" at a brilliant event put on by a dear friend and her smashingly brilliant jewelry company.  Me and a few other lucky ladies were chosen to wear, model, and otherwise look fantastic in some seriously showstopping gems.

Turns out they pulled in all their giant pieces from all of their stores and decked us out in a few different "suites."  I got to wear a ring that's getting farmed out for an awards show (I wonder what skinny, food deprived finger it will end up on!) among other gorgeous items.  All in all I was wearing more than 75 carats (plus my own ring!) at any given time of the most sparkly gorgeous little stones I've ever seen.

My personal favorite was the massive, 100" long "loop" of diamonds.  I decided that I could totally wear that casually... just with jeans and a tank, (ha) even to the barn (haHA)... but alas, the 50+ carat weight on the thing means it is nowhere near the budget.  

ah shucks.

Anyway, here's my first ensemble:

Okay, Okay, clearly I am NOT a professional.  you can't really see the HONKING ring on my right hand, or the stunning earrings all that well.. but here's what I had on:
  • 7 carats in the cluster earrings, very vintage, very gorgeous (I told dad they'd be great wedding earrings... he didn't bite)
  • 51 carat necklace.  solid diamonds.. I wore it looped three times, though it looked amazing roped around my wrist later in the evening...
  • 6.5 carat yellow gold bangle
  • 8.42 carat white gold bangle
  • 4.5 carat cushion cut diamond ring, flanked by an additional 2 carats of side stones
  • the model's own engagement ring (also by Ben Bridge)
I loved walking the runway as they described all the pieces when they said "gorgeous diamond engagement ring.. blah blah blah, the model's own.  I feel like that's what they say when someone uber glamorous (like Jackie O) would supplement her own killer shoes or jewels for a photo shoot.


Anyway, I had a ball, I didn't cry when they took the pieces back, but I was sad to realize that wearing such stunning pieces was so easy.  I thought I'd be nervous in so many valuables.. but NOPE! turns out I handled it just fine.. . I did have to explain some chocolate stuck to one of the sparklers... but hey, there was a chocolate fountain.  And there was NO way I was ignoring it, and almost no way that I wasn't going to be somewhat covered in it by the end of the night.

Sigh.  Back to reality...


  1. Too awesome!!! A girl can dream :)

  2. Cool!! That is so awesome and you looked fantastic! Sounds like a lot of fun. :)

  3. So pretty! I am so jealous!

    I can see me - out and about in my cowgirl boots from Tim's Boots, with tons of diamonds and like you - I'd be in that chocolate fountain so covered in


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