Monday, June 6, 2011

Obama The Llama

Okay, fine.  So maybe the mare isn't all genius and hidden talent.

According to our latest update from Cowboy Man, while P continues her magnificent progression with her herd integration, she remains remarkably hung up on one thing:

Obama the Llama.

Apparently Obama the Llama has taken to grazing right along side P's current run (which places her adjacent to the herd) and terrorizing her.

Of course, the terrorizing seems to consist of nothing more than Obama the Llama grazing peacefully, interrupted only by brief naps in the sun.  P (apparently) is still on high alert, and refuses to accept Obama the Llama's presence.

While the rest of the herd (and us) see this:


P sees this:
Okay.. that's a little sketchy looking..

Or maybe this:
Fine, he looks like he's pissed..

or even possibly this:
Dear God.

Regardless, Pia seems intrinsically certain that Obama the Llama is gunning for her, and only she can possibly save the herd.

Outside of inter-species diplomacy, the mare is apparently continuing to do well.  She's getting more social and over the next 10 days will complete a majority of her herd integration.  She hasn't had to do much other than get used to the other ponies through the fence (and on her walks) and tolerate Obama the Llama.

According to Cowboy Man, we are waiting for the herd integration before he really steps up the training.
(from Cowboy Man)
What we really want for now is to have her really get well socialized in the herd, before we start intensive training. In general, she has a distrust of humans and I want to restart the trust building in the context of the herd. This will bring out all of her social appetites and give us the opportunities to really connect with her true personality. What she has been expressing is an outer shell that she developed as a coping technique.  I am sure that all her early vet work has not increased her love of humans... Once we retrain her in the context of the herd she will begin trust and like humans as we reclassify our relationship.
Of course, waiting for that social magic hasn't kept Cowboy Man from some progress.. .Apparently P isn't wearing her halter anymore.  All of her leading in and out of pasture is done at liberty.  Additionally she's "ground tied" sans halter for all her grooming and graining.

Smart lady. (I'm so proud)

I'll start my visits to watch the work and participate myself after these next two weeks, so I'm beyond excited for that.

Also?  I've been promised video of some of the herd integration stuff.  can't wait to get my paws on that...


  1. I laughed so hard at this. So many horses are terrified of llamas. Ozzy thinks they are big dogs and, therefore, awesome.

  2. I wonder... since Tucker does a llama impersonation every time he is scared, would he think that the llama is just his (frightened) twin? I'm glad she's protecting the herd from the killer llama. Though, hopefully she will eventually let go of that job, once she determines it's reasonably safe to do so....

  3. I wish P thought it was a dog. She appears to be ok with dogs...

    and Marissa - that is hysterical.

  4. OK, Obama the Llama is frigging cute and hilarious! Also super weird looking...I don't blame Pia for being suspicious:) I'm loving these updates of her and the Cowboy:)

  5. Cowboy write well. :)

    I'm glad things are going well (aside from the llama issue). I can't wait to hear more and for your first visit. I would love to know how he does the halter stuff in a herd. I do a ton of my work at liberty, but only in the pasture because we're too close to a road, but that's with one donkey. If there was a whole herd I'm sure it would be a whole different story.

    Anyway I'm on the edge of my seat. Can't wait to hear more. :)


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