Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Mare is an Honor Student at Cowboy Elementary...

Getting an email from Cowboy Man feels rightly similar to the excitement of a letter or (god willing) a care package from home while exiled to sleepaway camp.  Except, I suppose that P is the one who's been sent away.

Regardless, I get a little bit giddy when I see his email address pop up in my inbox.

It's weird not seeing the beast on a more regular basis... But, instead I'm slowly getting used to inane updates whereby I immediately explain her small progress with amaaaaaazing brilliance or never-before-seen talent.

This blind faith in my "kid's" capabilities might be some sort of red flag for future parenthood, but I'm going to choose to ignore it...

For Example, Cowboy Man wrote:             
I just wanted to let you know that Pia is doing very well. She is interacting with the other horses through the fence nicely, so she is now ready for hand walks in the herd.

So I thought:        
WOW, what a smart mare, see!? I knew she knew how to play well with others.  She's so respectful and wise.  What a quick learner, I knew she'd do just fine.  She's already ready for handwalks through the herd, HAND WALKS! That's incredible! How Impressive...

Cowboy Man wrote:             
Also, we did pull her shoes. She was very uncomfortable in those shoes, so I can already in one day see more relaxation in her body. I will let Dr. Finn give you the details about all of that. We are letting her be barefoot all around for a couple of days to see how her feet respond and to let them have a chance to widen at the heal. I will probably shoe her in front on Wednesday.

And I thought:                
I knew she'd be more comfy barefoot, I just knew it.  Her feet are so nice, she just needs to be barefoot with the right trimmer....
Oh... he's shoeing her in front? That's ok too!  I just KNEW that maybe she needed to be shod in the front, that makes sense, I'm sure that's what she's been trying to tell me...  

Finally, he said:              
Also, all of her supplements did arrive. I will keep you posted on how the herd integration progresses.

And I thought:  Oh crap, he probably thinks I'm insane because her SmartPak is longer than her girth... 


  1. Haha, that last comment made me laugh

  2. Well, you have your divine sense of humor intact:) I'm SURE Cowboy senses Pia's brilliance and is just playing it cool. Really, he sounds great and I'm so glad she's doing well.

  3. I love it. I would have reacted very similarly to that email. Including the realization that he probably thinks you're crazy for having her on 100 supplements. Don't worry, when Tucker and I moved in to the new barn, I went through similar concern that I was totally "that" boarder with the high maintenance feeding program. I stopped myself from asking if I could have the hay's nutritional value tested. Seriously.

    Have another margarita and don't sweat it!! (Yes, I've been reading along, blogger just won't always let me comment).

  4. Ha! I would be in the same boat, except the massively long smartpak. ;-) Glad she's doing well.

  5. haha!! I am exactly the same way...and they wonder why the hosre professionals are crazy...maybe because they have 20 horses in the barn and 20 of us to deal with!!

  6. I'm glad she's doing so well. Is there a reason he can't leave her barefoot? Once she adjusts her hooves would be so much healthier without them. Anyway I'm so happy she's doing so well and I would totally read the updates the way you do lol! We're so proud of our equine "kids". :)


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