Monday, June 13, 2011

Still Alive! (Both me and the pony..)

Sorry for the absence... turns out when your horse is two hours away the flow of information isn't exactly as, well... abundant.  (and as The Boy can attest, when I am sans horse, I turn into sort of a useless, boring lump on the couch.  Not exactly what I would call exciting writing material).

This weekend, however saw a bit of horsey time - and I am proud to proclaim that I have not been lost to the vast abyss of wedding-induced-insanity, nor have I be claimed by the insufferable pit of despair that surrounds remodeling houses and moving into them.

I'm even more proud to proclaim that Star, the stubborn little beast that she is, is still alive and mostly kickin.

Sunday included both a quick trip up to Monroe to watch Supermom kick ass and take names (along with a few unanimous championships) on her new little mare before we continued up north to see the wise old pony herself.
hi, pony.

When we got there, Starlight was just happily hanging out in her pasture, soaking up the sun, and gumming some grass happily.  In all honesty, that little mare looks pretty damn good.  Yes, her left hind is a bit filled, yes her right hind has a pretty dropped suspensory.. but she's happy, quiet, relaxed and eating well.

She isn't moving around a ton, but she is still moving around without prodding.  less gallopy, gallopy than last time I saw her, but she still scoots around her pasture regularly and has enough dexterity to lay down and get up daily without any assistance.  All in all, I have to say I was expecting much, much worse.

D is nothing short of a miracle worker in her care and expertise in balancing the pony's growing list of concerns. But somehow she manages to make sure that in resting one leg, Star isn't stressing another too much, and balancing the difficulty of her trims, with a slightly longer hoof..  It's not an easy job and I know that other owners would have given up ages ago.  However, seeing Star, happy, comfortable and just enjoying a warm sunny day makes me glad for every extra day of retirement that this pony gets.  Lord knows she's earned them.

This trip was the first time The Boy has gotten to meet Star and I think he was shocked at how little she is.  He couldn't quite grasp the fact that somehow I used to fit on top of her let alone the fact that when I got her, I couldn't see over her back.
seeing over her back isn't so much an issue anymore...
I really couldn't have asked for a better Sunday.  Sure it would have been nice to be riding P (or *gasp* even showing her), but in reality, hanging around a show, seeing friends and patting the old pony are pretty fantastic ways to fill a day.

She is the cutest.  Even all hairy and fat.


  1. Do you also own Star? Sorry, just a little confused:)

  2. Aww! Major aww! She has the same face as my pony did. Correction, he still has the same face. He has slightly larger jowls and a little less dish, but she still reminds me so much of him. God I love that pony.
    Star is damn lucky to have you looking out for her.

  3. Awwww, such a cutie! And she looks so fat and happy... what a lucky girl!

  4. The first pony I rode was a fuzzy little gray mare like this, when I was about 4 years old. Thank you, this brought back very, very sweet memories. So heart-warming to see that you are giving this sweet little lady such a nice retirement!

  5. It is funny to try and picture you being short enough to not see over her. Bet those were good times.

  6. Mare - I don't anymore. I finally stopped riding her in the 9th grade (my dressage stirrups were jockey length..) and my dear friend D (conveniently significantly shorter than me) took the ride. When D moved away, Star went with her on a care lease, which about 5 years later was formalized with a sale for $1 so long as they gave us first right should Star ever wear out her welcome. So, she's been in D's trust and custody every since. :) I just maintain my visitation rights...

  7. I'm glad Star is still doing well. She's one tough pony.


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