Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Out of Sight

You know the saying...

Budgeting.  Back in January I wrote this opus on my attempt to get P's bills under control. In reality, I did a pretty good job.  We cut way back on most of our "fun" spending (lessons, random bits o' tack, vet appointments, etc).  But unfortunately the trend didn't hold.

Not only am I forking over $$ for the mare to sit pretty at her summer home (which essentially has the added cost of full training), but she's getting regular massage treatments to assist with the muscle redevelopment along with some laser work to help reduce the scar tissue on her cute "lucky" knees.  All of these things are good things... and all of them are predicted costs that I factored into my decision before I committed to sending the mare away for a few months.

However, what I didn't count on, is that while the mare isn't totally "out of mind," the money that I'm spending is beyond "out of sight, out of mind."

It's so far removed from my daily life/conscious, that I forget I'm spending it and therefore am living a lifestyle that's just dandy for a young professional with no hobbies beyond barhopping and a slight shopping addiction - but my current habits are in no way, shape or form sustainable for a girl with a hobby that demands not only food, but shelter and constant care from an all-star cast of service providers...

The real problem is that when the mare is close, she takes up a lot of my time.  Time that could otherwise be used for meeting up with friends for drinks, shopping for things, taking yoga classes, traveling on the weekends, etc.

This works out great, since my daily time spent with P pretty much removes most opportunities for me to hemorrhage cash in other areas of my life.  Unfortunately, while I continue to shower P with love and dollars this summer, I have also freed up my dance card to keep myself busy with those other (non-horsey) pursuits that inevitably take a chunk out of the monthly cash flow.  Add to that the attempt to furnish a new house, plan a wedding and save for a (potentially over the top) honeymoon to Tanzania.... and I'm spent.  (literally).

What's a girl to do?

I might just have to start taking my credit cards OUT of my purse before leaving the house in the morning.

Also, I am considering some sturdy saddle racks that will not only display tack in my new (empty) living room, but also allow my otherwise unused leather goods to serve as functional seating.  It's sorta like a living room set... I mean... at least my black calfskin all matches?

See! I can think outside the box... how thrifty of me....


  1. How much for the origami horse?

  2. Yeah the money spent on other activities kind of voids the money saved on your horse hobby . . . oops lol! I'm the same way though. :) So I have no advice. I just try to focus on free activities like biking, hiking, swimming, fishing (fishing isn't free but is cheap and provides food), etc. so that I'm not spending money at movies, fast food, shopping, etc. I live in a more rural city though so that's a lot easier for me to do. And fast food makes me sick as a dog so that's easier to avoid. Sorry I'm no help lol.

  3. I hear ya. With Ozzy out of work, I have lots of newly found free time, but with the meds he's on, I don't have money to do anything else. LOL.

  4. Very creative interior decorating!

  5. I hear you. Since I can't do anything right now, I have vast voids of time and the odd feeling that I should be doing something. I'm buying tall boots at vto's sale on thursday. Sssssh.


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