Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Super Supplements

Ah, the things I busy myself with while the pony is off on vacation...


Apparently, with the addition of scrumptious grass to nibble on all-the-live-long-day, the mare has decided that her SmartPak is no longer delicious or worth her time.  Fortunately, Cowboy Man has Platinum Performance that he's been offering to P instead of her regular supplements... and apparently the mare can't get enough. 

So, I called up Platinum Performance to chat with one of their reps about what's in P's current Pak, what she probably doesn't need and what would be an appropriate replacement. 

Their CJ formula is the closest match to what she's currently getting, but the little beast doesn't find it as tasty as the traditional formula (picky twit).... So they suggested compromising with a month supply of regular Platinum Performance alon with some tasters of CJ  in order to see if we can coax her over to the dark (less tasty/more expensive) side. 

I have to say that I was really impressed with Platinum's customer service.  I was able to provide them a list of the products that P has been choking down thus far and they gave me an instant comparison for what she was (and wasn't) getting. 

They were super friendly, generous with the samples and even threw in free shipping since I was a customer coming from SmartPak.    Also, I was surprised at how affordable it is. I guess I never really explored it, but I had always relegated Platinum's products in the "pricey to extremely ridiculous" range, but the fact of the matter is that the standard Performance product is way cheaper than what I've been spending on P's SmartPak and even the CJ formula isn't outta sight price-wise.

So, starting next week, P's regimen will drop to only getting the Platinum Performance and her Nano-E on top of just enough rice bran to act as a base.  Forage wise, the mare is on full pasture with some hay to nibble on at night if somehow she ends up hungry again.  This is probably the simplest feeding regimen she's had since I got her. (I have a self admitted issue with compulsively adding supplements without ever taking anything away..)

I really enjoyed my SmartPak, and I wouldn't rule out going back to them, but if I can accomplish 95% what I was trying to with Pia's massive Pak, for less money.. and with less hassle... I'll be a convert indeed.


  1. Why is Pia on so many supplements?

  2. I really found the Platinum people good to work with, too. Even though we switched to SmartPak I'd still recommend Platinum to friends. I think it's a great product.

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  4. Nothing like fresh pasture. I've had to completely re-do Izzy feed again just to get her to eat it. Mare... that said, they get so much out of good green grass that imho most supps are kinda over the top, unless you're dealing with a particular issue, like Izzy's ulcer-prone-ness or Pia's special E.

  5. jenj- eh, because supplements feel like I"m being proactive and responding to her needs. But realistically, the pieces that stick in her routine were all there for a good reason.. Recovery EQ to deal with muscle issues and as a preventative measure, Digestive supplements to ease ulcer like symptoms, probiotics since she wasn't grazing a lot... vitamin e is non-megotiable at this point for the wobblers, a hoof supplement for a bit since she started throwing shoes.. DMG for a bit to deal with the tight muscles, and SmartSox in an attempt to pinpoint hoof issues, but I was off the mark with that.

    I think maybe I'm just a junkie. :)

  6. Gingham-

    Oh I know what you mean about the proactive thing! :)

    It's easy to fall into the supplement trap. How do you decide when you don't need them anymore...

    Glad Pia is doing so well :)


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